Stevy Antoine: the blend of talent and discipline

    For patisserie teacher Stevy Antoine, it all clicked during an internship in his third year of school with a pastry chef in Mayenne. He decided from that moment on, and with his parent’s go-ahead, that he would take a sandwich course for two years in Duval. Never put off by demanding hours, often reaching 10 hours a day, he left his native Brittany and pursued an apprenticeship in a bakery-patisserie in Paris where he learnt to make desserts. The desire to set off abroad constantly occupied his mind and eventually drove him to London. ”I’ve always wanted to travel” says Stevy. He spent two years in the British capital at the renowned Maison Blanc. However, very quickly the desire to discover other countries took him to Kuwait where he worked for three years at Sheraton as an assistant pastry chef. Following this, he packed his bags for Canada to work in the prestigious “Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise”. As the head pastry chef of a team of 25, he learnt how to manage and deal with catering for a demanding and international clientele of 1 000 people per day.

    During his free moments, he devoted himself to his other passion; skiing. As a result of his rich experience, he maintains numerous friendships to this day.

    Back in Paris after having spent another year in London, he decided to embark on a new stage in his life; he chose to pass on his expertise and experience. Of course, this led him knocking at the doors of FERRANDI Paris. For his first eight years, he taught CAP and bac pro students, years during which “I had the impression I was reliving my own experience.”

    As Stevy speaks English perfectly, he teaches international students. The programme taught is dense, demanding, and gives the students knowledge of the basics of patisserie. The programme is rounded off by an internship in one of the best establishments, chosen in accordance with the student’s profile. “They are looking for excellence and that’s exactly what we give them,” Stevy emphasises. The programme is ordered by topic: one week on cream desserts, the next on macarons, another for tarts all whilst gradually improving the students’ capabilities. The best pastry chefs and tradespeople in France come to pass on their knowledge too. The course finishes with a creative exercise centred around a specific theme with a pre-determined set of ingredients: the end result is then presented to a professional jury. “Organisation and discipline are key to success,” Stevy often repeats to his students, a motto they have made good use of when considering many of the fantastic careers they go on to have… Something that brings their teacher a real sense of fulfilment…