Researchers & Publications

The research team consists of researchers with expertise in entrepreneurship, consumer behaviour, human resource management or finance. They hold a PhD and work on the research themes of hospitality entrepreneurship, postmodern food consumption & culinarity, and education in hospitality and restaurant management.

The permanent researchers

Christophe ESTAY
Academic and Research Director at FERRANDI Paris

With an academic background (PhD and HDR), he has held the positions of Dean, Director of Research, Programme Director and Head of Department, first at KEDGE Business School, then at EM Normandie. His teaching, research and consulting activities have led him to work closely with the Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac, where he has accompanied its strategic orientations for nearly 15 years.

Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship

Nathalie Sarrouy-Watkins has been a teacher in the Bachelor and Master of Science programmes at FERRANDI Paris since 2016, and a researcher in entrepreneurship. She holds a PhD in Management Sciences from the University of Reims with a specialty in entrepreneurship, and is qualified as a Lecturer by the National Council of Universities. His research focuses on hospitality entrepreneurship with themes on business models, effectuation, entrepreneurial risk, sustainable development and entrepreneurship education. Her work has been published in the best national and international journals such as Management International, the Revue de l’Entrepreneuriat, the Revue Internationale PME, Entreprendre & Innover, Gestion 2000, Projectique and the Revue Internationale des Sciences de Gestion.

Ophélie MUGEL

Associate Professor in Marketing

 Ophélie Mugel is a Research Lecturer in Food and Culinary Marketing. Her research focuses on the food consumption experience, food well-being and vulnerable consumers. Qualified as a Maitre de Conférences by the Conseil National des Universités, she has co-authored several research papers on food welfare, responsible consumption and food distribution. Having trained in Anthropology, she mobilises in-depth qualitative methods such as observational participation which she records in video form. In 2020, she made the film Dignity as a Gift: an Immersion in the Gastronomic Experience at Refettorio Paris, which won the award for best research videography at the Association for Consumer Research Conference Festival. She is a board member of the French Marketing Association.


FAHIMEH HATEFTABAR, Associate Professor in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing 

Fahimeh Hateftabar holds a Ph.D. in Tourism Marketing Management from Pantheon-Sorbonne University and currently serves as an Assistant Professor and Researcher in Marketing and Tourism at FERRANDIParis;  She completed her Bachelor's Degree in Solid State and Plasma Physics before pursuing her Master's and Ph.D. degrees in Tourism Marketing Management.
With a solid foundation in mathematics, Fahimeh is a recognized expert in quantitative research approaches. Fahimeh's research focus primarily revolves around marketing strategies and sustainability within the tourism and hospitality sectors. She delves into understanding consumer behavior, exploring innovative approaches to promote responsible and sustainable practices in these industries. Her studies were published in leading academic journals. 

JULIEN CADOT, Lecturer and researcher in corporate finance

Julien Cadot is a lecturer and researcher in corporate finance. He holds a PhD from the University of Montpellier and an engineering degree from Montpellier Sup'Agro. He was head of the Finance and Economics Department at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion Paris before joining the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech (USA) as Professor of Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship for four years.

His research focuses on the financing and governance of agribusinesses, with specific expertise in the wine sector and cooperative governance.

Julien Cadot, enseignant chercheur à FERRANDI  Paris


Christophe LOUÉ
Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship

Christophe Loué holds a Phd in Education Sciences from the University of Nancy 2. He teaches Human Resources Management and Entrepreneurship in the school’s post graduate programmes. He focuses his research on entrepreneurship, and in particular the field of entrepreneurial skills, motivation and entrepreneurial 
intention of students and more recently social representations. Christophe Loué has published several articles on these issues in French and international academic journals.

Rodolphe BARDOT, Academic and development manager of the Master's programmes at FERRANDI Paris

Rodolphe BARDOT is in charge of the academic part and the development of the Master programmes of FERRANDI Paris. He has an academic background and holds a PhD in applied engineering related to industry in the optimisation of production processes. He worked for the NORTEL- NETWORKS group and then THALES as an export project manager for telecom network infrastructures (Europe, US, Middle East). Rodolphe joined the training division of the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce 17 years ago with teaching assignments and the development of institutional and private partnerships for apprenticeships. He teaches entrepreneurship, management, marketing and applied mathematics.

Higher education teachers

Juliette GUIDON
Doctoral student in sociology, University of Paris, Centre de recherche sur les liens sociaux (CERLIS), École FERRANDI Paris

Juliette Guidon holds a Bachelor's degree in Human and Social Sciences and a Master's degree in Sociology from the University of Paris. She is currently doing a CIFRE thesis in sociology at the University of Paris, attached to the CERLIS laboratory (Centre de recherche sur les liens sociaux). This research, which is the result of a doctoral project funded by FERRANDI Paris from 2022 to 2025, focuses on the professional reconversions of former managers in the food industry, and more specifically in pastry-making, baking and chocolate-making. Her research themes fall within several areas of sociology: the sociology of the family, the sociology of professional reconversions, the sociology of gender, the sociology of the individual and the sociology of food.

Finance and Accounting teacher

Marion Beaufrère, Management Controller and Accounting Controller, joined the FERANDI Paris teams in 2020. After 10 years of professional experience within the Club Med, Hilton, Starwood and Accor groups, she teaches Finance and Accounting to the Bachelor MHR 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and MSc classes. She is currently preparing a PhD in Management Sciences at the School of Management of the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her research work focuses on the convergence between financial and extra-financial data within environmental accounting applied to the hotel sector.

Marion Beaufrère - FERRANDI Paris