Pedagogical excellence

A pedagogy based on individual and collective experimentation

Pedagogical excellence at Ferrandi Paris is based on collaboration between professors, programmes, companies, communities, etc., in order to promote pedagogical innovations, disseminate best practices and support students in their acquisition of skills. The main goal is to develop an original and specific pedagogy within Ferrandi Paris. Based on individual and collective experimentation, students acquire knowledge, know-how and skills that prepare them for their role as managers in institutions where excellence is the watchword.

FERRANDI Paris, l'excellence pédagogique

While new technologies are a necessity in today's educational approaches, it is important not to reduce educational excellence to e-learning or distance learning classes. Learning outcomes take into account the skills to be mobilised in the context of professionalization. They also relate to the student's ability to mobilise this learning, with relevance, while demonstrating an appropriate attitude. The conception of pedagogy must be innovative. Thus, the concept of pedagogical alignment is the basis of Ferrandi Paris' pedagogy. This is a method for designing and evaluating deep learning. The focus of the pedagogy on learning allows the student to confront a new task while at the same time enlightening him or her on his or her own investigation and reflection. In this way, the learner will create the conditions for his or her own development. Let us recall the key approaches to pedagogy at Ferrandi Paris, centred on learning: blended learning, problem-based learning, distance learning, laboratory learning, etc. This learning is based on inverted pedagogy, e-learning, the learning lab, the LMS, business games and the skills portfolio.