FERRANDI Paris: 100% Online Program in Partnership with FutureLearn

08 January 2024
Cours en ligne : FERRANDI Paris x FutureLearn

Dive into the world of gastronomy, creative marketing, and design with our brand-new program: FOOD CREATIVE MARKETING & DESIGN.

A unique learning experience for all food enthusiasts, innovators, and design lover.

Spotlight on our PHD Teacher, Virginie Brégeon de Saint-Quentin PhD:

Virginie Brégeon de Saint-Quentin PhD graduated from Sciences Po Rennes with a background in economics and finance. Her passion for applied arts led her to further studies in culinary design. With a doctorate in culinary experience design, she founded a culinary marketing and design agency. As a consultant for territories and a culinary entrepreneur, she also teaches at Sciences Po Rennes and authored "The Grand Book of Culinary Marketing" published by Dunod. Her areas of expertise: design, marketing, and sustainable food practices.

Join us on this culinary journey and discover how Virginie can guide you to excellence in the world of food marketing and design.

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