Entrepreneurship with FERRANDI Paris

Grow your entrepreneurial dream with FERRANDI Paris

Create an incredible restaurant, open a trendy bar, launch your food-based business... We will help you develop your entrepreneurial dream.

French people are passionate about gastronomy. It’s an environment that inspires people to choose a food-based vocation as well as, sometimes, makes them want to change career, from the office to the kitchen.

Be accompanied by professionals

Many dream of becoming a restaurant owner, pastry chef, or ‘foodpreneur’... but this dream requires a lot of preparation! Beyond the desire and determination, becoming an entrepreneur in the food world takes many skills, to create a dynamic, sustainable project.

We consider that it’s most of all important to create a unique customer experience with high added-value: imagine a concept based on a clientele’s needs, shape its identity, implement it consistently, master the art of hospitality, keep costs under control, guarantee quality, and so on... But you also need the essential skills of a good manager, administrator and marketer!

For those wishing to embark on this kind of adventure, FERRANDI Paris offers the proven experience of our instructors, chefs, and Meilleurs Ouvriers de Franc

Programs adapted for people in retraining and for students

FERRANDI Entrepreneurs

The FERRANDI Entrepreneurs incubator programme, if you have an entrepreneurial project for a restaurant, bakery, takeaway or food delivery service
As part of the incubator programme, the concept lab will allow you to refine your project’s culinary identity, create recipes and test going to market in a training restaurant fitted with an audio-video recording system.

FERRANDI Entrepreneurs



Business plan in Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship

  • The Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship, a full-time course in which students must design a restaurant project with a business plan, which will be put to a full-scale test at the Ferrandi Paris training restaurant or for a pop-up restaurant for an event.


Restaurant d'application Le 28 à FERRANDI Paris - Business Plan des Bachelors 1ere année

Success stories bringing pride to our school

FERRANDI Paris counts many examples of entrepreneurial success among its graduates. 27% of graduates set up their own businesses in the 10 years after they finish their studies.
Each year, the school is proud to see new chefs and entrepreneurs among Ferrandi alumni making names for themselves:

  • Serial entrepreneurs”: like Gontran Cherrier, who shares his passion for bread, pastries and cakes with 5 boutiques in France and nearly 60 in Asia, America, Saudi Arabia and Australia; Yoni Saada, owner of 2 restaurants offering street food-style canteen fare, voted project of the year by Gault & Millau...
  • Michelin-starred chefs and restaurant owners: Adeline Grattard, William Ledeuil, and Tomy Gousset with one star in Paris; Joël Césari, in Dole; Mathieu Viannay and Hugo Roellinger, with two stars, in Lyon and Cancale respectively; and Arnaud Donckele, with three stars in Saint-Tropez, to name just a few.

Research in entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship at Ferrandi Paris also involves research to better understand its outcomes and processes. A team develops entrepreneurship research projects applied to the hospitality and catering industry, on key themes such as entrepreneurial legitimacy, internationalisation of small and medium companies from the perspective of entrepreneurs’ profiles and skills, entrepreneurial education, social representation in the hospitality and catering sector and their impact on desire and entrepreneurial behaviour, and so on.