Missions and values


Train actors of renewal in gastronomy and hospitality

  • Offer sound, comprehensive and recognised training courses for all professions in gastronomy and hospitality management, to provide tailored solutions that meet the sector’s needs
  • Accompany the transformation in the face of new consumption patterns, digitalisation, technical and regulatory developments and new managerial practices.
  • Contribute to the entrepreneurial success of professionals in the catering and hospitality industry, as well as those who want to perfect their skills or change career.


Nurture ambitions

  • Transmit the taste for excellence to our students and apprentices alongside our unique expertise combining tradition and innovation
  • Foster teaching and a mindset that stimulate rigour, curiosity, audacity and the desire to innovate
  • Identify and encourage talent so that each person receives a rich and inspiring learning experience, both individually and collectively, to allow them to gain confidence in their abilities and make the best choices for their career.
Photo: Vincent Nageotte 2022

Defend and share our cultural heritage

Disseminate French culinary and hospitality skills, which are part of our cultural heritage, to inspire new vocational choices and raise up new talent.


FERRANDI Paris offers unique courses and support

Each of our graduates is a desirable candidate for companies: technically faultless, responsible, able to work in a team and implement new, creative and high-impact proposals.

Our teaching is structured around 6 key values:

  • HIGH STANDARDS to fuel ambition 
  • CREATIVITY to challenge codes, lead initiatives and stand out
  • GENEROSITY to increase confidence, the driving force for success
  • CONVIVIALITY to encourage exchanges and team spirit
  • RESPONSABILITY to take up the challenges of sustainable development in our professions
  • INTEGRITY: all profits are reinvested in training students and apprentices in accordance with our historic mission of serving the public

Excellence, in all areas and at all times

  • In palaces, lifestyle hotels, Michelin-star restaurants, bistronomy and food service
  • In high-quality cooking and accommodation
  • In respecting people and the environment

A school that’s open to diversity

We welcome young students from diverse backgrounds from all over the world, offering qualifications in cooking, hospitality management, service and the table arts, as well as receiving professionals aiming to perfect their skills or change career.

What matters is your passion for the demanding professions for which we provide training, your curiosity and your perseverance.