International partners and mission statement

Our ultimate goal is to create value for our students and partners

The central idea of the FERRANDI Paris international development department is constant improvement coupled with a curious, open-minded and humble mindset. We are strongly committed to the education of the future generation in the hospitality industry worldwide.
We pursue global initiatives and multiple implementation policies and are in the process of creating a new sustainable and prominent global academic partnership network.
Our international activity encompasses areas such as student exchange programs, research, graduate placement, new degree programs, and certification of modules at foreign universities, conferences, as well as R&D, e-learning and customized training for partner institutions and companies, consulting and audit missions.


Students first

Etudes à l'étranger

In order to offer our students prominent job opportunities and to ensure that the training they receive meets the industry’s expectations, FERRANDI has developed a unique pedagogical approach and associated with partners from the hospitality and culinary industry including global players like Accor, Four Seasons, Hyatt and InterContinental Hotels. 

FERRANDI placement rates are among the highest in France and in the hospitality industry: +98% of our students accept jobs in top companies within three months after graduation. More than 20% set up their own restaurants or food related businesses within 5 years. 

Furthermore, FERRANDI Paris is affiliated with the French Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCI IDF) whose mission is to promote education, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Chamber is the 2nd largest education provider in France after public universities and is present in 90 different countries. FERRANDI thus benefits from one of the biggest international industry partnerships networks worldwide.

At a national level, FERRANDI Paris represents the French Culinary and Hospitality Industry to the French Government and is a consultative member of the French Ministry Council for Tourism and Hospitality education, with advisor status.

Erasmus+ and international exchange programs



FERRANDI Paris is a member of the Erasmus+ program and offers its students and its faculty exchange and internship opportunities all over the world. The school welcomes on its Paris campus more than 300 international students of more than 30 different nationalities every year. Our Erasmus+ strategy aims to encourage the sharing of knowledge amongst students, teaching staff and our partner institutions. Our goal is to offer our students and staff the opportunity to develop their intercultural skills, to improve their knowledge of other European markets, and to develop their international networks.

Participants in the Erasmus exchange or internship programme in a situation of disability may benefit from a specific additional Erasmus grant.

ERASMUS Policy Statement

FERRANDI Paris, a non-for-profit public institution, places the employability of its students at the heart of its priorities, in particular through the internationalization of its higher education program offer. Acting in the sole interest of our students while remaining an independent institution of excellence and offering international training accessible to students from all backgrounds is the key value that we have been defending at FERRANDI Paris for 100 years already.

FERRANDI Paris' expertise lies in preparing future generations to work in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is a strategic sector offering attractive jobs all over the world. This sector has been growing steadily over the past decade (+ 4% on average according to the NWTO 2019 report). Providing training and internship opportunities in line with the needs of both, students and the industry, thus ensuring a sustainable future to our students, is at the heart of all our strategic concerns.

The main objective of our ERASMUS + policy is to enhance the international exposure of our students and to increase the opportunities of access to high quality international education and job opportunities. Students with disabilities and students with limited financial resources benefit from additional support. The development of the ERASMUS+ programme is essential to carry out this mission as it is adding high value to our pedagogy and the diplomas we offer, and improving access to attractive opportunities in Europe and all over the world. Furthermore, ERASMUS+ contributes to consolidate, deepen and develop language and intercultural skills of our students, two key skills for a successful career in the hospitality industry. It also offers a unique opportunity for personal and professional development which contributes to our efforts of creating a cultural and social diversity.

Academic Exchange Program

At FERRANDI Paris, we are delighted to have a multitude of partnerships with gastronomy and hospitality schools all over the world. Therefore, we offer our undergraduates (Bachelor's degree students only) the invaluable opportunity to take part in our academic exchange program. This allows them to discover another country, culture and gastronomy for a semester before they return to complete their studies back at FERRANDI Paris. In turn, we welcome our partner’s students who can then experience our teaching methods and expertise. The program is a mutually beneficial, formative process which allows both our students and those of our partners to widen their horizons, acquire new skills and develop as people. Depending on their selected destination, students can also benefit from the Erasmus+ scheme which provides grants and financial support to students who wish to study abroad.

Inspiring others and sharing knowledge

Over the past decades, FERRANDI Paris has been one of the key players in introducing the concept of respected and innovative high-level culinary education to the world. The FERRANDI curriculum and teaching methods have not only been shared with other leading schools in France but also implemented in some of the first professional French culinary schools abroad. After having set up partner institutes in New York (French Culinary Institute) and Tokyo (FFCC) in the 1980s, FERRANDI has established more than 20 partnerships all over the world: Canada (ITHQ), USA (Johnson & Wales), South Africa (CPUT), Macau (IFT), Greece (LE MONDE), Spain (CETT-University of Barcelona), China (Tsinghua University), Hong Kong (Hong Kong PolyU), Singapore, Great Britain, Taiwan, Italy, to name a few. 
Following our core values of sharing knowledge and serving our students first, FERRANDI Paris has thus contributed to the worldwide recognition of culinary and hospitality professions and established a strong industry and alumni network all over the world (+2300 graduates per year) with graduates running some of the world’s finest award-winning restaurants.

A step ahead

FERRANDI Paris is recognized as a forerunner by the industry. Our hospitality and culinary management education programs are constantly innovated and aligned with the industry’s evolving requirements 

FERRANDI is the first culinary and hospitality education institution that has been accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (September 2017).

Our international network is constantly growing. We are currently working on new innovative concepts with partners in Europe, the USA and Asia. 

FERRANDI Paris has been the first culinary institution in France to have launched e-learning through MOOCS in Culinary Tendencies and Design (in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018). The FERRANDI Paris Pedagogy & Digital Lab is a dynamic place of pedagogical innovation and digitalization, and a unique knowledge sharing platform for faculty, industry and students.

Our Concept Lab has been established in 2018 and offers FoodTech entrepreneurs the opportunity to test and implement innovative food business concepts.

At a national level, FERRANDI Paris collaborates with the following leading French universities: ESCP EuropeESSECAgroParisTech University