Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine

  • 4 months of training, 2 to 3 months of internship
  • A reference since the past 10 years for individuals seeking professional excellence 
  • A strong alumni network
  • A ready-to-use skillset 
  • A hands-on teaching philosophy
  • Small groups for personalized teaching
  • Going further with special features included in each program
  • A further step into the professional world : Programs are followed by an internship

Intensive Programs in French Cuisine -  FERRANDI Paris


Tuition fees : 23 000 €


Tuition fees : 23 000 €


16 weeks (560 hours) + 3 month internship

Type of diploma

FERRANDI Paris certificate

Next intakes

Paris & Dijon :

  • August 30th to December 15th 2023
  • February 5th to May 31st 2024

Admission conditions

To be considered for admission, you must :

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a high-school level diploma
  • Speak English fluently


Language of Instruction

All teaching in this program will be in English (guest chefs may speak in French with simultaneous translation).  Course materials will be in English.

Although knowledge of the French language is not a requirement to be admitted to the program, it is important for the internship and more generally for daily life in Paris.  


This 560-hour program includes the following modules :

  • Fundamental Culinary Skills and Techniques

Knife skills, knowledge of ingredients, food safety and storage, food preparation, cooking methods, plating and presentation
Soups and stocks, vegetables, eggs, fish, poultry, meat

  • French Regional Cuisine

Focus on a French region, its products, specialty preparations, wine and food pairing

  • Restaurant Service

Preparation of lunches and dinners for clients in FERRANDI’s training restaurant

  • French Pastry

Basic doughs and creams, plated desserts, entremets

  • Wine appreciation

Introductory course to French wine: production regions, terroirs, regional characteristics, wine tasting and pairing

  • Professional French 

Beginner to advanced beginner levels: basic grammar, vocabulary related to gastronomy (equipment, techniques, action verbs …)

  • Gastronomy-related conferences and visits

Artisans, culinary demonstrations, guest chefs, special dinners, conferences on specific themes

  • Guest Chef demonstrations

Well-known guest chefs will be invited to give demonstrations of their own recipes, share tips and techniques

  • Study Trip

At the end of the program, students will take a three-day trip to a French region or city to discover its history, culture and gastronomy



  • The internship is a unique experience to observe and to gain a better understanding of the workings of a professional kitchen.
  • The internship lasts 3 months.
  • Students who meet the requirements to intern will be placed by their chef-instructor in prestigious restaurants or hotels in France.
  • Internships in the student’s home country are authorized with permission.


Our programs are professional immersions in the culinary world, directly inspired from the unique terroir of one of the most famous wine cradles in the world.

The programs are designed with professionals in French Cuisine and Oenology, and thought through a wine and cuisine creativity project, to understand and acquire the know-how and the knowledge of an art shortly linked to the French terroir.

The programs will feature two special elements :

  • Wine class in Partnership with the Iconic Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne : a tailor made program for Ferrandi Paris - Campus of Dijon, including field trips, immersive sessions, tasting, pairing...In the most famous wine region of the world
  • Study Trip : At the end of the program, students will take a three-day trip around Dijon to discover its vineyards, history, culture and gastronomy.

FERRANDI prides itself in the quality of its facilities, instructors and professional network. Our students and graduates are sought after by Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury hotels and renowned chefs for their professionalism and their ability to integrate into a kitchen quickly and efficiently.

Graduates of the FERRANDI 'Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine' move on to careers in prestigious restaurants in France and abroad or start their own businesses in their home countries.

23,000 Euros (Tuition includes uniforms, toolkit, course materials and excursions.)

Next Intakes

Paris & Dijon :

  • August 30th to December 15th 2023
  • February 5th to May 31st 2024


More Information

Our programs in Dijon and Paris have the same basis and level of excellence.

Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine program is available on the Paris & Dijon campus.
Please click on the picture of the campuses to learn more and take a virtual tour!


Our programs in Dijon and Paris have the same basis and level of excellence.



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