Customized programs

Customized Courses

Our chef-instructors can design a training program to suit any professional need : skill upgrades, innovative techniques, new recipes, classic and contemporary gastronomy... 
Training can take place on FERRANDI Paris’ site or on a company site. FERRANDI Paris also proposes specific Master Classes and demonstrations for  culinary schools abroad. 

FERRANDI Pari : Enseignant MOF avec étudiante de l'école - photo : © VincentNageotte


FERRANDI Paris provides customized solutions for clients in the hospitality, restaurant, catering, bread- baking, pastry and food industry sectors.
Our services include : menu and recipe develop-ment, identification of suppliers and product ranges,  recruitment of specialized staff, creating a culinary  signature, creativity workshops, market research, staff  retraining...



Mathilde Bernez

Mathilde BERNEZ