Introduction to the Fundamentals of French Cuisine

The “Introduction to the Fundamentals” programs are designed specifically for food enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs or professionals seeking to discover the fundamentals of French Gastronomy. Through these highly immersive and practical programs, participants will acquire the fundamentals of professional techniques, understand the working environment of a professional kitchen and master the most iconic recipes of French Gastronomy.

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2 weeks

Session dates

From 2024/06/10 to 2024/06/21
From 2025/01/13 to 2025/01/24
From 2025/06/16 to 2025/06/27
Tuition fees
3000 (tax included) €

Type of diploma

FERRANDI Paris certificate

Admission conditions

To be considered for admission, you must :

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Hold a high-school level diploma
  • Speak English fluently

  • Acquire the basic professional techniques of French cuisine
  • Understand the working environment of a professional kitchen
  • Produce and present dishes from starter to main

These programs are taught directly in English with a maximum of 10 participants allowing for one-on-one instruction and support.

All teaching in this program will be in English (guest chefs may speak in French with simultaneous translation).  Course materials will be in English. Although knowledge of the French language is not a requirement to be admitted to the program, it is important for the internship and more generally for daily life in Paris.  



  • Running a work station with respect for health and safety rules
  • Use of professional vocabulary and technical sheets
  • Understanding of material and equipment for:
    • preparation: knives, blender, cutter, crockery, mandolin
    • cooking: oven, salamander grill, range cooker
    • storage and preservation: positive and negative cold rooms, stockrooms
  • Mastery of techniques for:
    • preliminary preparation: peeling, chopping, carving
    • slow and fast cooking: braising, stewing, poaching, grilling, roasting, frying, sautéeing, steaming
    • production of sauces by decoction, infusion, fusion, liaison and emulsion
    • plating and presentation
  • Understanding quality and purchase criteria: dairy and eggs, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, spices, condiments etc.



  • Classes run from Monday through Friday
  • A general week includes 35 hours





  • Demonstrations of professional skills
  • Hands-on practice: students make all products themselves
  • Applied technology training


3,000 Euros (Tax included)

How to apply to the program?

  1. Online Application
  2. Admissions Jury
  3. Admissions Decision

Know more about the Admissions Process

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