Research institutes

HOSTED, an institute dedicated to the hotel and tourism industry

Hosted is a centre for higher education and research in hotel and tourism management, created by ESCP Business School and FERRANDI Paris. It offers courses from 3 to 6 years of higher education in Paris, Madrid and Turin. 

Hosted, un institut dédié à l'hôtellerie et au tourisme

A European vision combining education and research

"The creation of Hosted responds to a strategic need: the tourism industry is one of the few sectors of activity to experience positive annual growth and is one of the main sectors for recruitment. France, a country of tourism, paradoxically does not yet have a major hotel management school. This is Hosted's ambition," emphasises Didier Kling, President of the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who is delighted with the alliance between these two flagship schools of the Chamber.

Hosted benefits from the international reputation of both brands and will draw on the expertise of both institutions: 

  • FERRANDI Paris is recognised as one of the major players in the field of gastronomy and hospitality.
  • ESCP Business School, which is already present in the tourism and hospitality management sector on its campuses in Turin and Madrid, is regularly ranked among the best European business schools.

Entrepreneurship, a strong component of the institute

Culturally anchored in economic development and entrepreneurship, FERRANDI Paris and ESCP Business School already offer entrepreneurial facilities - Blue Factory for ESCP Business School and Concept Lab for FERRANDI Paris - to project leaders. 

The culinary innovation laboratory

New, molecular, civic... Cuisine never ceases to inspire and renew itself. Deeply rooted in our culture and bearing the excellence of French know-how, it is now at the heart of new economic, technological, social and health issues, without losing its primary vocation, the pleasure of discovery, tasting and sharing.

What sets the approach to gastronomy at FERRANDI Paris apart, what makes its reputation in France and internationally so strong, is the place the school gives to culinary innovation, a lever for competitiveness and responsibility for companies in the hotel and restaurant sector.

This commitment is lived out on a daily basis, in training and in applied research.

The Culinary Innovation Laboratory's mission is to explore the origins of cooking, to understand how people consume today and to explore the trends of tomorrow.

In terms of culinary design and sociology, as well as food chemistry and new ingredients.

FERRANDI Paris researchers publish research articles and participate in international conferences to share their knowledge.

An example of a study: better understanding of food well-being

Ophélie Mugel, a teacher-researcher at FERRANDI Paris, worked in 2019 on food well-being in order to better understand how it plays a role in the life experience of consumers. The study was conducted through a series of comprehensive interviews. Respondents were asked to photograph their food and keep a diary to record their experience and feelings.

This research provided a conceptual model of the experience of food well-being based on individual fulfilment and a positive relationship with food. It showed that this fulfilment comprises various processes and meanings and is conditioned by context, mood and emotions. 

The authors' findings can help consumers, public authorities and activist networks to better take into account meanings and values in people's relationship with food.

Le grand livre du marketing culinaire


Le grand livre du marketing culinaire, published in 2019, gives keys on the evolution of the food world, the fundamentals of sociology, marketing and culinary design but also brand branding, the opportunities brought by the digital and ecological transition to create, develop and promote a food concept.

Le grand livre du marketing culinaire FERRANDI Paris