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The collaboration between FERRANDI Paris and FutureLearn, an innovative international online learning platform, constitutes a significant advance in the implementation of the school's digital strategy. 

FutureLearn is partnered with more than 250 universities, brands, and industry leaders to support more than 18 million learners around the world in developing their skills and achieving their personal and professional objectives. 

This collaboration offers our students from all over the world the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and know-how of our school in the fields of hospitality and entrepreneurship. 

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Discover "Food creative marketing and design", the first FERRANDI Paris online course on the Futurelearn platform to be released in January 2024!

Food creative marketing and design :


| FERRANDI Paris certificate 


| LAUNCHING: January 15th, 2024

| DURATION: 4 weeks – 3 hours/week

| FORMAT: Videos, podcasts, interactive activities, live session and social learning with Virginie Brégeon 

| PUBLIC: Food lover and foodpreneur in F&B 


  • Embark on a journey to refine your culinary knowledge and expertise with the guidance of a seasoned PHD, Virginie Bregeon.
  • Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of gastronomy through insightful reports and interviews with renowned chefs and foodpreneurs. 
    Food creative marketing and design  par FERRANDI Paris



      • Outline the theoretical underpinnings of creative food marketing and design by incorporating essential sociological and food anthropological theories. 
      • Recognize European food and restaurant trends that have the potential to spark global business opportunities. 
      • Devise food experiences that align with contemporary consumer expectations, illustrated through a comprehensive mood board. 
      • Direct the development of a trend scouting strategy to stay ahead of emerging industry trends. 
      • Conceptualize and execute innovative food experiences. 
      • Integrate sustainability into various dimensions of a food brand.