The Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine at FERRANDI Paris

26 April 2023
The Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine at FERRANDI Paris

This prestigious 16 week-long program in French Cuisine is offered to international students who tend to have limited experience, yet who wish to become professional chefs.

Taught in English, the students will gain a wide range of culinary skills, including : fundamental cooking techniques ; a knowledge of French regional cuisine ; and an understanding of the inner workings of a professional kitchen. 

More than this, taking this intensive course at FERRANDI, allows students to take French and Oenology classes ; visit specfic regions to discover their history and gastronomy ; and perhaps most importantly, to put their skills into practice in one of our renowned application restaurants.

Additionally, FERRANDI also accepts visits from famous guest chefs who give demonstrations to the class and inspire our students with their display of advanced techniques and creativity.

All of this, means that once the international students have completed the on-campus aspect of the program, they are well-equipped to begin a 3-6 month internship, which is found alongside the help of our international and careers department, and supplemented by one-on-one conversations with the chef.

If you wish to apply to our course you can click on the following link : 
If you have any questions or wish to contact us concerning this Intensive Cuisine Program, please email or go to the Contact Us section on our website.