FERRANDI Paris International Programs

Europe’s leading culinary institute, FERRANDI Paris provides professional training in pastry, bread baking, cooking and restaurant management. Taught by top level chef instructors in teaching kitchens and labs fitted with the latest equipment, our programs aim to prepare trainees for the reality of working in a hotel, restaurant or boutique, while discovering and exploring the wealth of products, artisans and cuisines that France is renowned for. 

Our International Programs are designed for beginners with little or no previous experience in the field who have a well-defined career plan in the industry or for professionals who seek to enhance their skills or learn new ones. Training at FERRANDI Paris emphasizes hands-on practice in the lab where participants learn by doing.


French Cuisine

Cooking can span the gamut of ingredients and flavors, from sour to sweet and salty, and does not require the same precision in terms of grams as pastry making. But cooking will summon all your senses : a potent nose to assess the freshest produce, deft fingers to scale a fish, as well as an aesthetic eye to compose a dish which will make your clients’ mouth water !

The art of cooking can make you travel both metaphorically and physically. After all, you can find Michelin starred restaurants around the globe !

FERRANDI Paris International Programs in French Cuisine

French Pastry

Interestingly, the first cake was not French but Greek. Created over 7 000 years ago, it served as an offering to the Greek Gods. Composed of flour and honey, it resembled a simple pancake. Long after that, in 1270, Régnaut-Barbon invented  « les oubliés », the forgotten ones (pastries rolled in the shape of a cone.) And from there the story of pastries begins ! The pate a choux, crème brulée and millefeuille all date back from the 17th century. But exactly what goes into making these ? Recreating these iconic French pastries involves preparing dough as well as the filling, checking the baking in the oven (or lack thereof) and mastering the art of glazing to decorate the cakes. If you would like to master these skills and join the ranks of over 200 000 French pastry chefs, be sure to train at FERRANDI Paris!

FERRANDI Paris International Programs in French Pastry

Bread Baking

While no one can tell exactly when bread making first began in France- historian Jim Chevalier believes it most likely appeared in the 18th century- the baguette is an important symbol of French culture.  Every city, town and village in France has its own boulangerie. Hardly any meal in France is eaten without some sort of bread, in a tartine in the morning, in a sandwich at lunch or to soak up the vinaigrette at dinner.
When foreigners think about France they immediately picture a brown-haired woman carrying a baguette or a gentleman sipping an expresso on the terrase of a café and nibbling on a pain au chocolat. They long to reproduce this French gastronomy and art de vivre abroad.
If this sounds familiar and if you too have harbored this dream, come learn the art of making baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolat and brioche at FERRANDI Paris!

FERRANDI Paris International Programs in Bread Baking

Hospitality & Management

FERRANDI Paris offers a complete hospitality management program leading to Bachelor and Master of Science degrees. France is the world's leading tourist destination, with 83 million visitors in 2016. No fewer than 300,000 companies operate in this sector, generating over two million jobs, 75% of which are concentrated in hospitality and catering.

The FERRANDI Paris Bachelor and Master of Science in Hospitality Management meet the needs of the hospitality industry by offering high-level training with a strong international outlook that is developed in association with the biggest players in the hospitality industry.

FERRANDI Paris International Programs in Hospitality & Management
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