FERRANDI Paris showcases the research work of its students: this week, Marie-Sarah Belant's thesis in MSc in Hospitality Management (class of 2022)

08 June 2023
Marie-Sarah Belant MSc Hotel Management promotion 2022

FERRANDI Paris honors its MSc in Hospitality Management students through their research work in their academic theses.

This week, we highlight the work of Marie-Sarah Belant (class of 2022) on the importance of customer experience and loyalty among generations Y and Z in the hotel industry.

Her dissertation entitled "The Importance of Customer Experience and Loyalty among French Generations Y and Z for the Hotel Industry" was directed by Prof. Gholamhosseinzadeh of the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne and coordinated by Dr. N. Sarrouy-Watkins, a specialist in hospitality entrepreneurship.

The aim of the quantitative survey was to examine the impact of the customer experience of generations Y and Z on their loyalty to hotel brands. Analysis of the questionnaires shows that only two dimensions of customer experience can significantly predict customer loyalty, namely the dimensions of entertainment and personalized service. The study thus suggests that hoteliers should reinforce these two dimensions of experience in order to win the loyalty of these generations' customers, and create offers that take into account their well-being, pleasure and conviviality.