Graduation Ceremony for our Introductory Programs

28 June 2023
Graduation Ceremony for our Introductory Programs

After an exciting two weeks spent at FERRANDI, two of our international programs had their graduation ceremony.

On the 23rd June, the programs for Introductory Pastry and Introductory Bread Baking, all gathered in the amphitheatre to celebrate their time with us and to receive their certificates for completing the course.

After celebrating with some champagne, we had the chance to take some photos of everyone receiving their certificate alongside their chefs, as well as one last group photo before everyone left.

We hope that everyone who took part in the course found it extremely fulfilling and enjoyable, and it was a pleasure as always to see all the amazing dishes that our introductory students, some with no previous experience, were able to create ! 

graduation ceremony for our introductory programs