Learn more about Chocolate and Confectionery at FERRANDI Paris!

28 September 2022
Arnaud Bonefoy - Pâtisserie Teacher at FERRANDI Paris

Europe is the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer and export market* and France is among one of the fastest-growing chocolate exporters between 2019 and 2020*. It is therefore no surprise that our two-weeks Introduction to the Fundamentals of Chocolate and Confectionery program was such a hit this past summer!
Despite being so popular, chocolate is known to be one of the most difficult ingredients to work with, as regulation of temperatures is extremely important to make it work. We had the chance to speak to our Chef-Instructor Arnaud Bonnefoy, who told us a little bit more about the program in chocolate and confectionery and gave us an insightful overview of his expertise. 

Tempering chocolate (the technical term for raising and lowering the temperature repeatedly) is indeed often described as the most crucial stage in creating chocolate. This process gives chocolate its iconic glossy finish by changing the crystal formation of the cocoa butter. Thankfully, with the help of technology in our labs, and with the guidance from our expert chefs, students are able to learn how to temper chocolate and get the best results every time. 

Another crucial aspect of confectionery is learning the importance of different ingredients. One example Arnaud spoke about was the different types of sugar and their uses. Not only is it important to select the appropriate type of sugar, but also to understand the processes behind it: the science of the glucose contents and how it interacts with the other active ingredients to make the final product.
When asked about his best advice for people aspiring to become chocolatiers, Arnaud answered in a blink “originality”. FERRANDI Paris fosters creativity and in our longer Intensive Programs students even have art classes! In order to be successful, you must do something different that has not been done before and use the knowledge and skills that you are taught to make something completely new. And, of course, strive for perfection – taste is everything in this industry! 

The Introduction to the Fundamentals in Chocolate and Confectionery includes a visit to a Parisian chocolatier. Students will have plenty of hands-on practice in the labs, making all types of desserts from marshmallows to Arnaud’s favourite – pralines. This is more than enough to set solid basis and at the same time provide beginner-level students a good overview of the profession. 

The Introduction to the Fundamentals programs are fully taught in English, are open to anyone over 18 years old, and requires no previous experience. Hurry up, the next intake for this course is January 2023 and seats are limited!