How can we integrate environmental, social and societal issues into our teaching programmes?

27 March 2024
FERRANDI  Paris : Comment intégrer les enjeux environnementaux, sociaux et sociétaux dans nos programmes d'enseignement ?"

The rapid changes taking place in our society, in our eating habits and, more generally, in the expectations of our stakeholders, are calling into question existing models in the face of today's challenges.
This dynamic is prompting schools of gastronomy and hotel management to incorporate sustainability into their teaching. FERRANDI Paris' higher education instructors took part in a workshop preceded by a conference on these concepts, which are already firmly rooted in their teaching practices.

Our warmest thanks to the speakers:

  • Hervé Bourdon, former owner of the restaurant Le Petit Hôtel du Grand Large in Portivy, awarded a Michelin star in 2011 and a green star for sustainable gastronomy in 2020. He shared with us his experience of a vegetal and marine culinary approach.
  • Pierre Montel , co-founder of EcoLearn, an organisation specialising in professional training in sustainable development, shared his expertise on the vocabulary and concepts associated with sustainability.