Charcuterie day with our advanced French Cuisine students

02 June 2022
Charcuterie Day at FERRANDI Paris


As part of the Advanced Professional program in French Cuisine, students guided by Chef Stephan Jakic presented a Charcuterie Day. During this occasion, they had the chance to showcase their culinary skills with the delicious and famous French charcuterie and put their experience into practice.
Indeed, the French cuisine is very famous for its Charcuterie: it has numerous types that we know part of or all of it. Saucisson, boudin, pâté en croute, rillettes d’oie, andouillettes and so many others! Moreover, the beautiful city of Lyon is one of the most-famous places to eat charcuterie in the country. In fact, the pâté en croute is a specialty of the Rhone Alpes region.

desired outcome of this part of the program is for the student to use the French techniques to prepare charcuterie items in their home countries  using local ingredients and products. In this way, the students will be contributing to introducing the French Cuisine in their countries and cultures.
It also goes without saying that being part of this interesting program will enable the students to gain a lot of experience in the culinary field,prepare delicious and creative dishes, and, of course, meet many prestigious chefs like the MOF chefs.

Our September track of the Advanced French Cuisine program is still receiving applications! For additional information about it or if you need any clarification, do not hesitate to reach out to us at