Get to know our Chef-instructor Lucas Siwinski!

07 October 2022
Get to know our Chef-instructor Lucas Siwinski!

We had the chance to speak with one of our pastry chefs Lucas Siwinski. Lucas has been a chef-instructor at FERRANDI Paris for two years and teaches pastry for our international programs in English.

You can read the interview here:

Q: Can you tell us more about your background and the industry experience that you have had around the world?

A: I actually originally studied as an engineer, before I realised that my true passion was in pastry. With this realisation, I applied to study at FERRANDI Paris and that is where my journey began. After graduating from the class of 2004, I worked in a few pastry shops in different areas of Paris (including Gérard Mulot’s Maison Mulot) before moving to Melbourne, Australia, to be a chef at a private club. Next, I moved to South America, specifically Colombia and Argentina working as a consultant and a pastry teacher at the Instituto Superior Mariano Moreno. After several years in South America, I eventually returned to France in 2018, having been offered a position as a chef-instructor at FERRANDI Paris. 

Q: Why did you re-join FERRANDI Paris as a chef-instructor?

A: Although I loved my time in South America and Australia, having spent 15 years away from home, I felt it was the right moment to come back. I am very passionate about my field and love to see new students who enjoy the art of pastry just as much as I do. 

Q: What do you think sets FERRANDI Paris apart from other schools?

A: Here, “excellence” is not just a word, we really try to do everything to the highest standards possible. Also, for the international students, I think it is nice that there is a good mix of nationalities, with students from all corners of the globe who come here to share their passion for the culinary arts. It is a French school where students can learn about French gastronomy and culture both inside the classroom and outside.

Q: What are your expectations from incoming students?

A: I am always happy to meet new students. Here, we teach students everything about pastry from scratch. It is okay if they start out not knowing much (or even not knowing anything at all!). The only thing I expect from them is a good attitude and a willingness to learn – this is not easy to teach, you have to bring it from home. 

Q: What makes a good pastry chef?

A: Pastry is an exact precision. You need to be attentive to what you are doing. But it’s not only that. As I said before, you have to be passionate. Being a pastry chef is not like your usual 9-5 job. You don’t simply clock out after your shift, it is a state of mind. It is like being a guitar player, an artist. People consider you and your art as one. 

Q: What is your favourite dessert?

A: Millefeuille. It is a classic. I think it is very representative of French pastry. The balance between the pastry cream and the puff pastry makes it one of the most iconic desserts in the world. 

Q: What skills are developed in the Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry?

A: The first weeks are dedicated to learning all of the bases of pastry, both in terms of recipes and techniques. From there, we move onto more advanced creations. We go beyond pastry and teach the students about other products and disciplines such as chocolate, ice cream and bread baking. Another particularity of our program is that we help students develop their creativity skills, these are all important skills for this field and when they all come together to create a finished product, the results are magnificent.

Q: Do you think your teaching style has been influenced by your international experiences?

A: I think it is great to work with different cultures. You will find that it makes it more interesting, especially when students want to use ingredients that are from their culture and remind them of home. It is great to compare the different cuisines from different cultures to see what they all have in common and what makes each one unique.

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