Jennifer Kim, former international Cuisine student at FERRANDI Paris shares insights about her time at FERRANDI Paris

    Let's introduce yourself

    My name is Jen Kim, I’m 33 years old, American (New Yorker), and a I’m a graduate of the Ferrandi International Cuisine Program class of 2020.

    Why did you choose FERRANDI Paris ?

    I chose Ferrandi Paris because it was highly recommended by some folks in the food industry in Paris.

    What was your first impression of the school?

    I was struck by how large the facilities are and how many students attend the school. It’s a full building filled with French students, international students, and other various projects that happen on campus.  It was fascinating to see people walking around in their full hospitality uniforms, chefs in their tall toques, and all the folks in cuisine/pastry/bread in their whites walking around campus.

    What makes FERRANDI Paris stand out from other schools according to you?

    While this is my only culinary school experience, I think the immersive nature of the program is a great way to begin training if you want to learn how to work in a restaurant. While the experience of going to school is WAY easier than working at a French restaurant, it’s a good opportunity to learn the basics of French cuisine and technique.

    What is the most memorable moment of your time at FERRANDI?

    My favorite times are with my raucous group, GROUP B (shoutout to Group B)! We were quite gregarious and had a great time in the kitchen. One of my favorite moments was when we were cleaning the stoves and did a whole group impromptu sing along. I love our camaraderie!

    What is your favourite recipe/dish you made at FERRANDI?

    My favorite recipe is making pithivier and when we made sauces with Chef Lesourd,  who is a saucier by training. I love making sauces.

    What are your best memories of Paris?

    I’ve enjoyed going to the Bastille Marché to shop for groceries. I love seeing the products offered change with the seasons, and I enjoy building relationships with different vendors. My husband and I try to go to the marché on Thursday and Sunday mornings, and it has been so much fun to figure out which vendors we love, and learn about their products from them. It’s a great way to support small farms and businesses and to practice French! The passion for beautiful ingredients, seasonal cooking, and food traditions is one of my favorite things about living in Paris. 

    One lesson you've learned?

    Something I’ve learned and am continuing to practice is being intentional with each movement as I’m cooking. You see this from seasoned chefs like Chef Jakic and Chef Sota from my stage. Moving efficiently in the kitchen is a form of artistry that takes years to master.  

    Any advice for future students?

    Learn French, be humble, and be a team player. Don’t be selfish, the kitchen is an environment where teamwork is of utmost importance.  

    What are the benefits of studying in an international environment in cooking?

    Dope, new friends! My classmates were the best. I made friends from all over the world: Singapore, Brazil, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand. We all came together to learn and geek out about food. I expected to learn from the school, but I didn’t realize how much I would learn about other food cultures through my classmates. 

    Glamour Chicken—Sam Gye Tang (Korean Chicken Soup with Ginseng)

    Jennifer created her own version of sam gye tang - a Korean chicken soup stuffed with glutinous rice - and incorporate skills that she learned during her time at culinary school. ⠀

    "I'm excited to share this dish with you because it represents how I like to cook and nourish those whom I feed: with simplicity, seasonal ingredients, traditions, and beautiful products. While I have so much to learn about cuisine, it has been exciting to be a part of the Ferrandi community and to learn in France." 

    You can find the read more about this dish on her website, Le Dinner Party, and watch her step by step video published on her Instagram channel.