Georges Benard – Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry

    Growing up with a father who ran chocolateries, Georges Benard discovered his love for the industry from an early age. Passing through the production lab at the bottom of the garden on the way home from school, he would fill his pockets with chocolates.
    First of all, he undertook two years of on-the-job training in a restaurant in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, giving him experience both with classical pâtisseries and plated desserts. Then, having always dreamed of travelling, he left for London at the age of 18 – building an international career right from the start! After a year in London during which time he learnt English, he decided to return to France to continue his studies and strengthen his professional skills. Three further years of training in pastry and chocolate followed at Ladurée, at the time a fast-growing name in the pastry industry. This was an opportunity to meet many passionate chefs and top professionals, as well as to make long-lasting memories.

    Once his training completed, Georges chose to pursue his lifelong passion for discovering new cultures and culinary specialities. He was off to work in the Caribbean, immersing himself in new flavours and products. This was just the start of his international adventure through over a dozen different destinations from Morocco to Japan, each with their own unique traditions and cultures – culminating in the opportunity to teach pastry in China. What a first teaching experience!
    After 10 years spent abroad, he was drawn back to his roots in Paris, and to the continuation of his teaching career. FERRANDI Paris seemed the obvious choice. Using his impressive experiences around the world and his English skills, he joined FERRANDI Paris’ international teaching team -  not straying far from his passion for discovering new cultures. Georges loves watching his students progress and develop their career prospects in pastry, and enjoys the opportunity offered by study trips to share moments with his group outside of the classroom.
    Throughout his career he has learned that, well, you never stop learning!  To succeed in pastry you need to be hard-working and disciplined, not afraid to work long hours, but also of course, to enjoy yourself and use your creativity.