FERRANDI Paris - Dijon Campus: Virtual tour

    FERRANDI Paris - Dijon campus (virtual tour)



    Nestled in the Bourgogne region, right outside the heart of the famous city of Dijon and 1 km away from the vineyards, our brand new campus is part of the new Cité Internationale de la Gastronomie et du Vin, and will boast 850 meters of professional kitchens and labs.



    The Cité is a place dedicated to gastronomy and wine, housing innovative exhibitions about gastronomy, a "gastronomic village" where local producers will offer the best selection of products, a wine house with more than 200 references, restaurants under the direction of the famous Chef Eric Pras...the key words will of course be : gastronomy and excellence.

    FERRANDI Paris Campus of Dijon

    The campus, located at the entrance of the City, in the iconic "Canon de Lumière" Building, include two laboratories, one for cuisine and one for pastry, offering a deep view on the Dijon city center.

    The Burgundian site of FERRANDI Paris  host 110 international students every year, around two intensive programs taught in 100% English - either in French cuisine or in French pastry - as well as different sessions for the Introduction to the Fundamentals Programs. 

    Photo: © CIVG

    Photos: ©CIVG/  ©AAAB

    The new building has been conceived by the architecture Agency Anthony Béchu and has been especially designed for those programs. Its unique modern structure will blend seemlessly with the historical Dijon architecture.

    FERRANDI Paris Programs in French Cuisine and Pastry

    The programs provide the same quality and pedagogical content as the ones provided in Paris, with the added advantage that they will focus on some regional specialties, alongside courses in oenology and wine tasting.

    The programs will end with a field trip, which will enable the studients to discover the Burgundy terroir and marvels, to deepen their culinary knowledge and anchor their practice.

    This unique Campus features two different programs in French cuisine and pastry, suited for beginners, with different objectives and criterias :


    4 months of training, to get professional skills, and ability to work in the industry, including an internship

    >> Intensive Professional program in French Cuisine

    >> Intensive Professional program in French Pastry


    A complete discovery of the culinary sector : cooking practice, tastings and visits. In sum, the best way to get general knowledge of cuisine or pastry, or to confirm your passion.

    ​​​​>> Introduction to the Fundamentals of French Pastry

    ​​​​>> Introduction to the Fundamentals of French Cuisine

    About Dijon, Capital of taste and Art de Vivre

    Dijon, the capital of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in the eastern central part of France, is the ultimate cultural destination. As an officially recognized “Ville d’art et d’histoire”, this “city of art and history” boasts a vast protected area covering 97 acres.

    That area is now on the UNESCO World Heritage list with the Climates of Burgundy’s vineyard. As a food and wine capital, Dijon is famous for its culinary specialities which include mustard, snails, crème de cassis, chocolate, and gingerbread…

    Photos: ©CIVG/  ©AAAB