Specialized Master's degree: Product Engineering at the Confluence of Cuisine and Industry


    A Specialized Master's degree is: a degree from an establishment accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, which is open to high-level candidates from France or abroad who already hold a Master-level qualification or an equivalent diploma, with a professional focus. The MS IPCI Product Engineering at the Confluence of Cuisine and Industry, is carried out in partnership with AgroParisTech.



    1 YEAR



    Tuition fees


    Type of diploma

    Master of Science (MSc)



    • Develop dual competencies in Industry & Culinary Arts
    • Give engineers culinary and gastronomic knowledge and training that will allow them to design and formulate food products in the kitchen and successfully transfer the process to the industrial level.
    • Train men and women capable of communicating equally well with chefs and pastry cooks and with design and production engineers at the confluence of cuisine and industry.

    Training content:

    • Mastery of French culinary techniques with an open attitude to international influences and new food trends;
    • Further study of the fundamental scientific and technical aspects required for the successful performance of an R&D project;
    • Acquisition of a methodology for the transfer of a culinary recipe to the industrial level;
    • Creation and implementation of an action plan for the industrial transfer of a culinary recipe.

    Detailed program on Paris AgroTech  |  Further information about the MS IPCI


    Specialized Master: Product Engineering at the Confluence of Cuisine and Industry:

    • 100 days of training, one alternating work-study assignment and one culinary innovation project
    • Registered on the RNCP, eligible for the personal training account scheme

    Admission and timetable

    Entry level :

    Bac +2

    Admission conditions

    Interviews for eligible candidates will be held during the month of April (date to be specified). Applications received after 31 March, 2017 will be examined according to the availability of places.

    Admission procedure

    - Food Industry Engineering Diploma
    - Scientific and technical University Master's degree in an appropriate field
    - Scientific or technical degree requiring 4 years of post-secondary study in an appropriate field with at least 3 years of professional experience in research and development in food industries
    - Foreign degrees requiring 5 years of post-secondary education, Specialized Master or MBA in an appropriate field.
    Candidates must have experience of food formulation acquired during a student project, an internship or a previous job.


    Close of enrollments : 31 March 2017


    Further studies


    Professional opportunities

    R&D Engineer - Formulation Engineer - New Project Engineer - Product Manager - Project Manager


    The Specialized Master program in "Product Engineering at the Confluence of Cuisine and Industry" emerged from the desire of two Schools – AgroParisTech and FERRANDI – to contribute to the design and improvement of food products by combining scientific knowledge and culinary expertise. Our joint aim is to improve your future employees' training in the design of the food products of tomorrow.
     AgroParisTech, an institute supervised by the French Ministry for Agriculture, is the major European school for engineers and managers in the field of food, the living world and the environment. It addresses the key issues of the 21st century: human nutrition and sustainable territorial management, conservation of natural resources and the promotion of innovation.