Final round of the 26th Kikkoman Culinary competition in FERRANDI Paris


    The 26th selection of the KIKKOMAN competition took place on September 14th in the kitchen of the training restaurant, “Le Premier”, at FERRANDI Paris.

    For this test, 14 students from all over France, 8 in ‘Bac Professionnel’ and 6 in ‘Brevet Professionnel Cuisine’ had to make a mackerel-based recipe, consisting of two plates (one cold, one hot), accompanied by a sauce that showcases the different flavors  and applications of Kikkoman sauces.

    Congratulations to the winners of this competition, Rémi Levègue (BAC Professionnel) and Théo Borrel (Brevet Professionnel) and thank you to all members of the jury chaired this year by Stéphanie Le Quellec.

    Congratulations to our ‘Bac Pro Cuisine’ students who helped the candidates by being their kitchen assistant throughout the 3 hours of testing.