FERRANDI Paris international students visit Champagne


    As part of our international Intensive Professional Programs, students benefit from interesting offsite visits so they can learn more about Gastronomy beyond the classroom. During the 4 months’ program, our students go on several pedagogical excursions in order to introduce them to the Parisian life, cuisine, culture and markets. However, it doesn’t end there: the best tour is offered out of Paris, in the magnificent region of Champagne.

    Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte was our destination for this year. For those who do not know Nicolas Feuillate, the Champagne house was founded in the region in 1972. Our students were in the company of their Chef-Instructors, who stressed the importance of the visit and its link to French History, as Champagne has its own significance in the Wine and Gastronomy universe. It is also a fun way to complement the Oenology modules the students have in the Intensive Professional Program at FERRANDI Paris. 

    In this study tour, our students learnt more about the product, its history, its production techniques, the sales of the product, how it is served, and they also went into the wine cellars where the champagnes are stored. This provided them a global overview of the business and the functioning of a traditional Champagne maison!  Of course they had the chance to taste Nicolas Feuillatte champagne and its delicious variations – lucky guys! 

    This offsite day was a major hit and it was also an opportunity for our international students to get to know a different part of France and one of its main exceptional beverages, which is Champagne. Understanding its history and learning about its essential traits is also understanding France as a country and its so popular “savoir-faire”. This Champagne tour was one of a kind, as the students enjoyed the visit and the wonderful views of the region before their final exams period starts.

    Stay tuned and check out our new posts next week to learn about the Charcuterie module students from the Advanced Professional Program in French Cuisine had !


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