FERRANDI Paris' International Advanced French Pastry Program is sold out for its fall session!

    Photo : © Live and Shoot
    Photo : © Live and Shoot

    On October 16th, FERRANDI Paris had the pleasure of welcoming to its Parisian site, all the participants enrolled in the International Advanced French Pastry Program, bringing together pastry professionals from all over the world, in search of excellence and new inspirations.

    From all horizons

    Some did their studies in Europe, but come from mainland China or Taiwan; one has a degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts in Istanbul (Turkey), but dreams of learning French pastry; others come from Israel, Latin America (Brazil and Venezuela), or North America (Canada): they all come from different countries, or even continents, but all have managed, despite the current difficulties linked to the health crisis, to reach France and find themselves on the Parisian campus of our school : "The mixture of cultures, the diversity of backgrounds, the relevance of professional projects, constitute for us a real richness, which we will be able to make fruitful, throughout these 8 weeks of training, thanks to the quality of our services", comments Emmanuel PERIER, Head Manager of International Programs Department on the Parisian site of FERRANDI Paris and responsible for this ambitious program.

    From the craftsman to the artist

    The quality? Without a doubt the key word of this top-of-the-range training course, which offers its participants, carefully selected on the basis of an application file, the opportunity to improve their technical knowledge and stimulate their creativity: "The workshops, organized in modules and all conducted in English, address various themes that have a common objective, that is of bringing out through pastry creations, the ability for each participant to shape his or her own culinary identity," explains Stevy ANTOINE, Pastry Chef trainer on the Parisian campus of FERRANDI and in charge of this program, "This is particularly the case for event-oriented workshops, such as "chocolate sculptures", "French wedding cakes" or "boutique products", but also "trendy chocolate candies", "advanced pies" or "contemporary desserts", which encourage participants to innovate and shake up their practices," he adds.  In short, a savvy and tasty mix of tradition and innovation, capable of "nourishing the imagination" and giving "food for thought" and which has convinced prestigious Pastry Chefs, such as Franck WENZ or Jérôme CHAUCESSE, MOF 2015 confectioner and Cyrille VEN DER STUYFT, MOF 2015 in bakery, to join the operation, by intervening punctually on various themes of the program.

    Photos : © Live and Shoot

    The final

    The outcome of this training? An "Afternoon tea", led by Fabrice DESVIGNES, MOF 2015 and Bocuse d'Or 2007, in partnership with the Champagne House Nicolas FEUILLATTE and Pascal HAMOUR teas, as well as the creation of an ephemeral boutique, in the "Concept Lab" of FERRANDI Paris, two "showcase" events that will emphasize the know-how acquired during the training, through original creative realizations and which will have previously been the subject of a photo shoot. 
    And even if this double event will not be open to outside clients due to health regulations, there is no doubt that it will reflect the expertise acquired during this training of excellence.