FERRANDI Paris builds on ePack Hygiene's expertise to raise student awareness on major issues in digitalized HACCP

    Publication date - 27/09/2018

    Beyond training the future great chefs of tomorrow, FERRANDI Paris strives to ensure that its 2,500 French and international students and 2,000 adults in further education who are welcomed each year receive the most thorough insight into new technologies that have become essential to their day-to-day lives as chefs.

    It is because of this that FERRANDI Paris has chosen to reference ePack Hygiene, recognized as the most comprehensive and innovative digital HACCP solution on the market for simple traceability and self-monitoring in catering.

    HACCP at FERRANDl Paris is taught in a unique way. The school has deployed the ePack Hygiene installation on a large scale. There are some forty tactile methods implemented to cover all the training rooms on the three FERRANDI campuses.

    Through this enjoyable and intuitive digital solution, teachers deliver a theoretical and fully comprehensive approach to hygiene and food safety rules and regulations.

    As for the learners, they fully understand the stakes of this regulation. They also acquire skills easily applied to the demands of professional reality. Additionally, they quickly realize that the digitization of the HACCP approach is the simplest, most effective and most reliable way to ensure compliance (in comparison with their elders who, for their part, proceeded to the monitoring of health procedures on paper).

    “This partnership will help support catering professionals in the implementation of digital solutions for the benefit of their business. The flexibility and simplicity of the tool, and the availability of ePack teams, are both great ", Bruno de Monte, Director of FERRANDI Paris, stated.