The Advanced Professional Program in French Cuisine & Local Markets


    There is nothing better than buying seasonal ingredients, ingredients from which we know the provenance.

    Having fresh and seasonal products available, as knowing where they come from, are the main advantages when visiting a local market. A good chef needs to understand the ingredients, be curious about their origin, but also meet the producers.

    For that reason, the Advanced French Cuisine students visited the famous Président Wilson market in the Alma Marceau district, one of the most beautiful areas of Paris. What a place to shop! The market is located at the foot of the Palais Galliera, the Museum of Modern Art in Paris and the Palais de Tokyo.

    From early morning anyone there gets blown away by the wonderful colours of the fruit and vegetables, and have their smell delighted by the scent of the flowers on display. Students were able to touch the products, talk to the shop-owners, and ask questions and so on. Guided by their instinct, they were able to choose products without having a specific menu in mind.

    One of the main exercises FERRANDI Paris fosters in these local tours is being able to come up with a full menu from scratch, and, sometimes, being prepared to build dishes with limited ingredients. We want to make sure that our students are ready for the challenges they might face when becoming a chef. 

    After visiting the Président Wilson Market, our cohort’s creativity was indeed stimulated and an excellent menu was prepared, check this out: 

    • Starter: Stuffed zucchini with ricotta and carrot mousse
    • Main course: Barbecue beef cutlet with red wine sauce and a range of seasonal vegetables
    • Dessert: Strawberry rhubarb with rhubarb ice cream and Breton sablé (biscuit)