10th edition of the Passions trophy at FERRANDI Paris

    Publication date - 21/03/2019

    The "Passions trophy" took place on March 20th, 2019 in the kitchens of the FERRANDI Paris "le Premier" restaurant.

    Eight finalists from around the world (Argentina, Belgium, Chile, France, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland and USA) challenged themselves in the kitchen for 5 hours. They made a starter, a dish and a dessert on the following themes:

    • A starter for 8 people: entry of candidate's country - vegetable at 80% - imposed ingredient "Quinoa" of Peru
    • A steak, whole or reconstituted and two cheeks of oxen for 8 people with 3 toppings
    • A dessert with a creative plate based on Pavlova including lemon from Nice


    Each preparation was judged by an exceptional jury divided into jury in cuisine, a jury for the entrance, a jury for the main dish jury and a jury for the dessert 

    Among them, prestigious Presidents such as:

    • Andrée Rosier MOF and President France,
    • Kei Kobayashi Honorary President International,
    • Fabrice Prochasson MOF, President of the competition and President of the Académie Culinaire de France,
    • Michel Roth MOF, President of the Jury and Executive Chef at the President Wilson Hotel, Geneva
    • Gérard Dupont Founding President and Honorary President of the Académie Culinaire de France

    It was finally at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris that the winner was unveiled.

    All the laureates:

    • 1st prize: France, represented by John Argaud, Chef of the Château de Brindos restaurant in Anglet
    • 2nd prize: Chile, represented by Roberto Munoz, Pastry Chef and professor at INACAP in Santiago
    • 3rd prize: Japan, represented by Masahide Yokobayashi, Head of the Nikko Hotel in Kumamoto
    •  4th tie: United States, Belgium, Mexico, Argentina and Switzerland


    The prizes awarded:

    • 1st Commissary Award FERRANDI Paris: Emma Lecomte in final baccalaureate
    • Price for starter: Mexico represented by José Francisco Palacios, Deputy Chef of the Club des Industriales Mexico restaurant
    • Price of the dessert: Chile
    • 1st Artistic Award: Japan
    • Prize for the best work team: Belgium, represented by David Lievyns, Chef and owner of La Réserve restaurant in Rebecq