Our Alumni are successful


    Duyen HA, Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine Graduate, Class of 2018
    Founder of BONDLE Wines in Los Angeles, USA

    FERRANDI Paris was a transformative stepping stone in my career as a chef. Through the experience of working in a challenging but also stimulating kitchen environment, I learned essential culinary skills and cultivated a strong work ethic. The hands-on education was invaluable as it effectively prepared me for future work in live restaurant settings. Following FERRANDI Paris, I entered the restaurant industry feeling confident and set up for success.


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    Zach SPERBER, Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine Graduate, Class of 2018
    Sous-Chef at Mon Ami Gabi bistrot in Chicago, USA


    "I attribute a lot of my leadership skill and professionalism to my education at FERRANDI Paris. I learned to help others and manage a team through mutual respect. ”.

    Chef Zach talked to us about how his experience at the school has had an impact on his career and how his training went further than developing cooking skills: he got the hang of leadership, team work, creativity and professional maturity.  


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    Regina Domínguez Echeverría
    Owner of CAYETANA

    Chef Didier Chaput taught us to not just follow recipes but also to understand the chemistry behind every ingredient. I learned to read my dough and solve problems with this knowledge. I still go back to read my class notes and reach out to Chef when I can’t get the bread out right!”

    Regina Domínguez Echeverríais one career switcher! This Mexican national studied Industrial Design in Mexico City, her home country, prior to enrolling in Ferrandi Paris. Following her husband who was enrolled in a business school, Regina thought France would be the ideal place to rekindle her love of food and bread in particular.


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    Raphael SILVA
    Chef at Tenorio Restaurante

    It’s never too late to start!  “I’m a late cook, I became a cook after my 40s”.

    Having studied Economics and worked in the banking industry for 20 years, Raphael Silva’s success in the cuisine industry proves that there is always an opportunity to try something new. After turning his life upside down, researching schools and visiting Ferrandi Paris, the magic happened: “I went to Paris and met the staff and chefs and fell in love with the school.”

    Raphael moved to Paris to complete the Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine in 2015. Right from the start, he felt he was gaining useful experience for working in a restaurant one day, thanks to the small class of 11 that Raphael was part of. 

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    Mónica Sahmkow
    Owner of  Alex y Monica

    Mónica Sahmkow joined FERRANDI in 2010 to complete 6 months of training in French Pastry and Cuisine, followed by a 6 month internship at Le Meurice. Having worked as a lawyer in Venezuela, Mónica decided to take the plunge and pursue her dream of cooking.

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    Jose Luis (PAPU) DE LA CRUZ
    Graduated from the Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine

    “I wanted to go to FERRANDI because I wanted to go back to the basics. FERRANDI hefs explain. Every day there were practical classes and we gained muscle memory required to work as a professional.

    The Chefs instilled both knowledge and discipline.”

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    Sarah Safarian
    Owner of Humbly Healthy

    Sarah Safarian joined FERRANDI Paris in 2015 for the Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine. After working for several years in marketing and sales for multinationals such as L’Oreal or General Electrics, Sarah was looking for something new and more challenging that brought her joy. She had a passion for food. 

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    Thais PACHECO
    Owner of Confiserie, Mimo Confiserie e Chocolaterie

    “I chose to come to Ferrandi for two reasons : all the basics and techniques acquired through the training and just living in Paris, because Paris is the Capital of Pastry! But what I remember most is that my experience at FERRANDI Paris was far beyond my expectations because it was not limited to learning French pastry as I had thought at first. ”

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    Kostas Tsompanidis
    Owner of bakery shop AR&KO » in Nafplio, Greece

    « The organizations, the techniques and the combinations of different cultures in one class were what I enjoyed the most at Ferrandi Paris »

    For FERRANDI Paris alumnus, Kostas Tsompanidis, his love of pastry and bread baking stemmed from cooking with his mother in Northern Greece ever since he was child.  Soon it appeared obvious he needed to turn his passion into a career.

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    Magomet Albotov 
    Pastry chef at Ladurée Russia

    “Before coming to Ferrandi, I had never cooked before. I was a professional wrestler for 12 years, so this was very new for me.” Magomet joined the Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry in 2015 at age 21.

    He had been training in his home country of Russia to become a professional wrestler since the age of 9 and has been a part of the Russian national wrestling team.

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    Vanessa Huang
    Chef-owner of restaurant Ephernité, Taipei, Taiwan

    "I have always been curious and fascinated by French gastronomy and desserts. It was at a crossroads of my career, in 2013, that I de-cided to take the Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine at FERRANDI Paris, where my marvelous culinary adventure started, and where I learned all the fundamentals of French cooking. I returned to Taiwan in 2014 and opened my own restaurant “Ephernité”, based on the « farm to table » concept, using locally sourced and fresh ingredients. My training at FERRANDI Paris combined with my internship expe-rience gave me a solid set of skills and knowledge and fueled the passion on which I have built my career. "

    Samer Kobeissi
    Owner of “Des Choux et Des Idées”, Beirut, Lebanon

     I chose the Intensive Professional Program in French pastry at FERRANDI Paris’ because it is mainly suitable for professionals who want to shift careers, and because this school is worldwide reputation.

    The program was indeed intensive and it provided a comprehensive overview of French pastry from tartes to entre-mets to viennoiseries, in addition to ice cream and chocolate. It required a lot of effort and hard work and focused mainly on hands-on application. After the program I was given the chance to intern at a Parisian palace hotel. " 

    Carles Codina
    Executive pastry chef at Four Seasons Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

    For Carles Codina, executive pastry chef at the brand-new Four Seasons Hotel Barcelona, the Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry at FERRANDI Paris was ‘a great opportunity to learn from the best.’ Following his internship at the Mandarin Oriental, he then went on to a series of stints at top hotels and restaurants, both in Paris and his native Spain, including the 3 Michelin-starred restaurant Sant Pau, as well as working under the 2011 World Champion of Pastry, Josep Maria Rodriguez. While his work is ‘not always easy’, he  believes that hard work and motivation always pay off, leading you on to bigger and more exciting projects.

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    Eric Ngo

    After graduating from the University of California San Diego with a Bachelor’s degree in French Literature, Eric Ngo moved to Paris in 2011 and enrolled in FERRANDI Paris’ CAP in pastry - a professional qualification aimed at career switchers, taught in French. Having received recommendations from French friends and read testimonials online, he chose FERRANDI Paris for its excellent reputation. 

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    Elena Kalmykova
    Pastry chef at the Trianon Palace Versailles, France,  responsible for brunches and banquets

    A self-professed ‘foodie by heart’, Elena Kalmykova left Russia and a career as a historian to fulfil her dream of becoming a pastry chef, joining FERRANDI Paris’ ‘Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry in February 2017. 

    Having undertaken 5 months’ intensive pastry training at our central Paris campus, Elena describes FERRANDI Paris as ‘one of the strongest academic institutions’, and believes the  excellent practical and theoretical education she received was a great starting point for her career. The professional prospects following this program are enhanced, she says, by the network of graduates which stretches all over the world.  >> Read the full article

    Seah Yang Chiak
    Owner of Chiak Pâtisserie, Singapore

    “Some people see pastry chefs as artists, while others know them to be scientists. The exceptional ones, however, have been regarded by many as magicians. Highly grateful that my stint in Ferrandi has granted me invaluable insights and inspirations for French pastry, I am thrilled to bring a part of the Parisian life back to Singapore. My ultimate goal is to introduce to people the art and magnificence of French desserts by inspiring them – one bite at a time.” 

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    • BRUCE SHERMAN, Chef and Partner, North Pond, Chicago, IL, USA1 Michelin star, Winner James Beard “Best Chef Great Lakes” Award, 2012
    • CAROLINA BAZAN, Restaurant Ambrosia, Santiago, Chile, 33nd World’s Best Restaurants Latin America
    • KRISTIN FREDERICK, Founder, Le Camion Qui Fume, pioneer of the food truck movement in France
    • PATRICIA PETSCHENIG & REMI SOULIER, Chefs and founder, Parémi Bakery, Vienna, Austria
    • SANJANA PATEL, La Folie Pâtisserie, Mumbai, India, « Pastry Queen of India », 2015
    • JACEK MALARSKI, Founder, Lukullus Pastry shop,  Warszawa, Poland
    • HIROYUKI HONJO, Restaurant ES, Paris, France – 1 Michelin Star 
    • LEONARDO PAIXAO, Glouton, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    • MICHAEL ANTHONY, Executive Chef & Partner, Gramercy Tavern, New York, USA - 1 Michelin star, James Beard “Outstanding Chef” Award, 2015
    • And many more...