Didier Chaput

    A Bread baking Vice Champion of France at FERRANDI Paris

    Didier Chaput is 35 years old, with a happy smile on his face and a passion which hasn’t stopped growing for more than 20 years. He has now been teaching at FERRANDI Paris for more than 2 years.

    Originally from Roanne, it was as an apprentice that Didier, a motivated and willing student, discovered his long-lived attraction to a career in baking. He then worked for 6 years in a traditional French bakery, practicing using flour and dough. Keen to meet new people and see new things, he moved on to several bigger companies, including 3 years in a luxury hotel in Carcassonne.

    He then knew that he was also gifted as a salesman, and became an instructor at FERRANDI Paris.

    With his impressive background and skills, Didier decided to settle down at FERRANDI Paris, to bring to reality a dream he had long held in the back of his mind: TO TEACH. Didier explains that he has a need to meet people, share his experience and pass on his knowledge and techniques in the culinary field with other motivated people like him.

    And here he is now: he describes his task in teaching bread baking to make a common everyday product into something attractive and healthy, which will catch the attention. This is how Didier goes about his day-to-day work in this prestigious school, which allows a close relationship to develop with the students, and to see their progress, thanks to small teaching groups. Plus, as Didier speaks English, he can teach an international audience and get to meet people from other cultures.

    Teaching reveals a true love for one’s work, as it allows for much more than just sharing techniques – the blossoming of new stories and experiences. Didier is particularly sensitive to the enthusiasm, motivation and passion shown by his students, as they are preparing for a very demanding job which they love. As an instructor, he knows how to adapt to the different learning paths his students take: ‘Good or not, we will succeed and get there’, he repeats at the beginning of each class. To candidates wishing to join FERRANDI Paris, Didier advises to find your own personal path, in order to remain curious and open, like him!

    Today, Didier keeps on improving – that is how he became Vice-Champion of France in bakery at the Sirha 2017. This is proof of his perseverance.