Bachelor in F&B and Hospitality Management


    International students may integrate the 3rd and final year of the FERRANDI Paris Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Management which is taught in English

    Bachelor State Diploma (French Ministry of Higher Education, Research an Innovation)
    FERRANDI Paris is the only French hospitality and restaurant management school to have this recognition

    Since September 2018, students completing the Bachelor F & B and Hospitality Management are awarded a FERRANDI Paris Diploma & and a Certificate from ESCP Europe Business School



    1 YEAR


    Full-time training with a compulsory internship of 6 months abroad.

    Tuition fees


    Type of diploma

    Bachelor State Diploma - ESCP Europe Business School Certificate




    Language : 


    Learning Objectives :

    • Master the disciplines of management to manage and develop a hotel business
    • Develop inter-relational and professional skills in all operational functions
    • Adopt a caring and respectful approach to peers and the environment

    Contents of the course

    Objectives :

    Develop managerial skills to become a "business developer" and specialize in one of the following hospitality sectors : 

    • F&B et Entrepreneurial management 
    • Hospitality management (in French or in English)
    • Event Management 


    The 3rd and final year of the Bachelor program aims to put students in in a real-life situation of managing and monitoring an activity.  Students choose one of two majors : 

    • "F & B and Entrepreneurship Management" : students develop the business plan of a food service concept in collaboration with the students of the Bachelor FERRANDI "Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship". The best projects are given the opportunity to run their concept in the form of a “pop-up” in the school's training restaurant.
    • "Hospitality Management" : these students will work on a consulting and development project in the hotelier sector.
    • “Event Management” : students will be involved in the conception and organization of major events in the hospitality sector.


    This program focuses on professional knowledge, in-company learning through an internship  and business case studies, in an international and intercultural environment in which all teaching will be done in English.  An emphasis will be placed on entrepreneurship : creating or developing a company.


    FERRANDI Paris Strengths

    Applied professional training with close links to the industry

    We work constantly with top professionals and the major operators to guarantee the quality and relevance of our training to ensure that our teachings correspond to sector requirements.  A professional development committee, made up of professionals and teachers, oversees our curricula to ensure they are up-to-date and reflect the latest trends.


    In partnership with ESCP Europe, Ferrandi Paris has created Hosted: Hospitality Service Tourism and Education. This initiative aims to develop specialized programs in hotel and tourism management, co-delivered by both schools. Students who complete the Bachelor F&B and Hospitality Management will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree from FERRANDI Paris and a certificate from ESCP Europe. Hosted is not only a faculty of experts (25 permanent teachers), but also a research centre aimed at producing knowledge for professionals.

     An active and practical teaching method (learning by doing), based on individual guidance and the dedication of the teaching team

    • Expert instructors from the professional sector
    • Balance between managerial and technical courses to develop managerial / operational profiles respectful of their environment;
    • A highly demanding program, that aims to develop both technical skills and knowledge and interpersonal skills to allow the individual to develop his personality and his creativity;


    Further studies

    Master of Science Hotel Management, taught in English on the Paris campus.

    This high-level program is aimed at students wishing to hold senior positions in the hospitality sector as revenue manager, director of accommodation, director of operations and, later on, positions in general hospitality management at the heart of international or independent businesses, both in France and abroad.

    Professional opportunities

    Receptionist, accommodation manager, brigade chief, assistant manager, restaurant manager, restaurant sales manager, seminar and banquet coordinator, restaurant owner, food and beverage manager, market manager, income manager...


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