The FERRANDI Paris Grand Cours de Cuisine

    Publication date - 23/05/2017

    The FERRANDI Grand Cours de Cuisine: All techniques to succeed as a chef! 


    Yet another recipe book when there are so many others?

    We don’t think so and that’s not what we wanted.

    This book contains 143 recipes, illustrated by more than 1,500 photos. Our ambition is to give the passionate cook, keen food-lover or youngster at the start of their career more than just recipes.

    The book contains:

    • step-by-step technical instructions,
    • professional advice, and chefs’ special knacks, based  and this is what makes this book original on the teaching methods that make FERRANDI Paris the greatest French school of gastronomy today, both here and abroad.

    Our approach to transmitting knowledge and skills has proved itself; the success of our alumni, the professional acclaim and the support of the greatest chefs demonstrates the fact, and has done for the 100 years that the school has existed! 100 years where traditional know-how and creativity have been woven together in harmony. ( ...)

    All the recipes have been written by teachers from FERRANDI Paris and Michelin-starred chefs, partners of the school. They have presented the essentials to give the reader an overview of the subject as well as shrewd advice, and tips for choosing, buying and cooking the products.

    The book promises to teach people of all levels how to cook: each product is used in three recipes of increasing difficulty.
    With FERRANDI chefs: Jérémie BARNAY, Emmanuel HENRY, Frédéric MIGNOT, Benoît NICOLAS, Eric ROBERT and Antoine SCHAEFERS, find:

    Step-by-step instructions to learn the necessary gestures and skills

    Advice from chefs

    Recipes inspired by teaching from the school

    The recipes will enable you to progress like the students during their courses. Depending on your expertise or your experience, you can tackle the level that seems best adapted to your skills: level 1 for beginners, level 2 for more experienced cooks.

    Level 1: for beginners


    Level 2: for more experienced cooks


    Level 3: recipes by great chefs

    These require perfect mastery of culinary techniques to make a recipe conceived by a great chef, former FERRANDI student, member of the Strategic Council or associated professional: Amandine CHAIGNOT, Adeline GRATTARD, Anne-Sophie PIC, François ADAMSKI, Yannick ALLENO, Frédéric ANTON, Pascal BARBOT, Alexandre BOURDAS, Michel BRAS, Eric BRIFFARD, Alexandre COUILLON, Jean COUSSEAU, Arnaud DONCKELE, Alain DUTOURNIER, Philippe ETCHEBEST, Guillaume GOMEZ, Gilles GOUJON, Eric GUERIN, William LEDEUIL, Bernard LEPRINCE, Régis MARCON, Thierry MARX, Philippe MILLE, Olivier NASTI, François PASTEAU, Eric PRAS, Emmanuel RENAUT, Olivier ROELLINGER, Michel ROTH and Christian TETEDOIE…

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