Advanced Professional Program in French Pastry


    Mastering the art of French pastry requires rigor and precision but also an ability to develop and renew an offer. Boutique, decorative and event products will be addressed during our new program, to provide participants with new inspirations and techniques from high-level pastry chefs. Throughout the program, participants will receive precious tips and insights from accomplished professionals to help them reach their career goal as a top-level pastry chef, the owner of a shop or the creator of an innovative concept.



    8 weeks (280 hours) + optional 2 to 4 months internship


    • Classes run from Monday through Friday.
    •  A general week includes 35 hours.

    Tuition fees

    13,750 Euros (Tuition includes uniforms, course materials and excursions.)

    Type of diploma

    FERRANDI Paris Certificate





    Language of Instruction

    All teaching in this program will be in English (guest chefs may speak in French with simultaneous translation).  Course materials will be in English.

    Although knowledge of the French language is not a requirement to be admitted to the program, it is important for the internship and more generally for daily life in Paris.  


    Throughout the program, participants will work towards the final Creativity Pop-Up, building on new skills and techniques as well as the different approaches and personalities of the teaching team.  This project will involve the development in teams of a range of boutique products that will be offered for sale at the end of the program. 

    Program Modules

    • Contemporary Tartes
    • Petits-fours
    • Modern Entremets
    • Individual Cakes (Petits-Gateaux)
    • Chocolate Sculptures
    • Chocolate Bonbons
    • Artistic Sugar
    • French-Style Wedding Cakes
    • Viennoiseries
    • Ice-Creams and Ice-Cream Based Desserts
    • Plated Desserts


    Instructors and Guest Chefs

    Jérôme Chaucesse, MOF Pâtissier Confiseur 2015

    After moving up the pastry ranks working for prestigious chefs such as Gérard Boyer (***Michelin), Marc Meneau (***Michelin), Philippe Urraca (MOF pâtissier) et Michel Guérard (***Michelin), Jérôme Chaucesse held the position of Head Pastry Chef at the Parisian palace Hôtel de Crillon for the past 14 years.  His extensive experience, combined with a desire to share his techniques and talents with pastry enthusiasts and professionals around the world, led naturally to the founding of his consulting company « Jérôme CHAUCESSE Créations ».  His creations are light and elegant, surprising and emotional, visually appealing and flavourful.

    Cyrille Van Der Stuyft, Consultant in France and abroad -  Head of the Fournil Guiard school laboratory

    Originally from Chartres, he became a member of the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France family in 2015 at the age of 27.
    Today, he takes his role as a teacher very seriously and loves to pass on his knowledge, in France and around the world.

    Franck Wenz

    Franck Wenz teaches at L’Ecole Valrhona the fine arts of chocolate and pastry, where he strives to to make each class a unique moment and transmit to his peers the keys to creativity and the desire to surpass themselves. He is also the head of a consulting firm “OPTIMIZE Consulting” which focuses on support, coaching and advisory services to chefs from around the world.  After his apprenticeship, Franck Wenz worked for 10 years in the hotel and restaurant sector.  He considers Gilles Marchal with whom he worked at the Hotel Le Bristol and Philippe Rigollot who was Head Pastry Chef for Anne-Sophie Pic, his mentors.

    Admission and timetable

    Admission conditions


    Next Intakes

    • September 28th to November 25th 2022 - COMPLET 
    • March 27th to May 26th 2023