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    Our instructors, pillars of your success

    It is no coincidence that FERRANDI Paris attracts young students from all over the world each year. Its image of excellence, closely tied to that of its teaching staff and lecturer researchers, is synonymous with success for all the students and apprentices who pass through its doors.

    United within a dedicated teaching community, 100 or so permanent instructors and nearly 200 external instructors pass on their techniques, share their experience and encourage each student to develop their potential and follow their path.

    At FERRANDI Paris, the professionals will not only provide you with the codes required to integrate the world of gastronomy and hospitality, but will also teach you to rediscover yourself.

    Enter the world of great chefs

    Are you passionate about the world of gastronomy and culinary arts? Train in your profession alongside the greatest names including Michelin-starred chefs, renowned pastry chefs, Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, sommeliers, culinary designers, nutritionists, consumption sociologists, etc.

    Lecturers from the top schools and universities in the world

    Are you considering a career in the world of hospitality and catering?

    FERRANDI Paris has the best for you! 

    Its teaching staff includes top managers from major hotel groups (Hyatt, Four Seasons, Marriott, Accor, Intercontinental) and lecturers from the best schools and universities in France and around the world, such as Science Po Paris, AgroParistech, Sorbonne University, ESCP Business School, Hong-Kong Polytechnic University, ESG UQAM and Washington University. 

    Exam success: 

    the figures speak for themselves
    The exam success rate nears 100% each year, including national competitive examinations. In June 2019, 98% of students and apprentices successfully obtained their CAP diploma, Vocational baccalaureate, BTS qualification, Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.

    Chefs and Instructors for Programs in English

    Get to know the talented and experienced professional chefs and instructors that work on our International programs through the below portraits, in alphabetical order.

    Stevy Antoine
    Intensive and Advanced Professional Programs in French Pastry

    For patisserie teacher Stevy Antoine, it all clicked during an internship in his third year of school with a pastry chef in Mayenne. He decided from that moment on, and with his parent’s go-ahead, that he would take a sandwich course for two years in Duval. Never put off by demanding hours, often reaching 10 hours a day, he left his native Brittany and pursued an apprenticeship in a bakery-patisserie in Paris where he learnt to make desserts.

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    Georges Benard
    Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry

    Growing up with a father who ran chocolateries, Georges Benard discovered his love for the industry from an early age. Passing through the production lab at the bottom of the garden on the way home from school, he would fill his pockets with chocolates.
    First of all, he undertook two years of on-the-job training in a restaurant in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, giving him experience both with classical pâtisseries and plated desserts.

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    Arnaud Bonnefoy
    Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry

    Having grown up making pastries with his grandmother and later watching his older brother at work in a bakery, Arnaud knew from an early age that he wanted to become a pastry chef. After completing 4 years’ training in a boulangerie-pâtisserie and passing his CAP with flying colours as the best apprentice of the department (regional division of France), he spent 2 years in military service which took him to the Central African Republic, and taught him how much there was to discover outside the limits of ‘the Hexagon’. 

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    Intensive Professional Program in French Bread Baking

    Didier Chaput is 35 years old, with a happy smile on his face and a passion which hasn’t stopped growing for more than 20 years. He has now been teaching at FERRANDI Paris for more than 2 years.
    Originally from Roanne, it was as an apprentice that Didier, a motivated and willing student, discovered his long-lived attraction to a career in baking. He then worked for 6 years in a traditional French bakery, practicing using flour and dough. Keen to meet new people and see new things, he moved on to several bigger companies, including 3 years in a luxury hotel in Carcassonne.

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    Intensive and Advanced Professional Programs in French Cuisine

    Sometimes our parents help shape who we are today: in fact, it was as a result of his mother’s advice after expressing how bored he was at school, that the young Stéphane Jakic undertook an internship in a restaurant near Vouvray-en-Torraine.
    We never thank our parent enough: in fact, it is as a result of her mother’s advice, after having stated how bored she was of school, that the young Stéphane Jakic undertook an internship in a kitchen nead Vouvray in Touraine.

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    Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine

    Born in Paris, Chef Frédéric Lesourd has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels, including Maxim's, Le Bristol, The Swan Garden in Prince of Wales, Celadon in Westminster, The Swordfish at the Ritz, and Les Muses in the Scribe.

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    Intensive and Advanced Professional Programs in French Pastry

    Lucas Siwinski started out studying pastry, chocolate and ice cream-making here at FERRANDI Paris in 2004 before going on to work in several patisseries around Paris, including Gérard Mulot’s Maison Mulot. He then left to travel the world, first working in several prestigious clubs in Australia, before moving on to South America.

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    Finance Teacher - Master of Science in Hotel Management

    Sometimes, our initial professional ambitions have very little bearing on the career path we eventually take. In the case of Benjamin-Thibault Chevalier, it was only after failing to gain entry to the Autun military school that he decided, without any great conviction, to follow his best friend and enroll at Blois Hospitality school.

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