Practical information

    Publication date - 24/05/2017

    To be considered for admission to the Intensive, Advanced and Combined Professional Programs, you must :

    - Be at least 18 years old
    - Hold a high school level diploma
    - Speak English fluently
    We do not require knowledge of the French language or previous culinary experience, However, the ability to communicate in French is obviously helpful for settling in Paris and will be a criteria for the internship.
    We encourage candidates with previous culinary, pastry or bread-baking training and/or experience to contact us to make sure that the Intensive Professional Program is a good choice for him/her as the training is designed for beginners in the field.  
    The Intensive Professional Program requires good physical stamina - The culinary environment both at school and during the internship involves long hours, working standing up, carrying heavy loads in a sometimes stressful environment. 


    Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine / Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry
    Two intakes per year :
    • September 2019 session : courses run from September 4th, 2019 – January 24th, 2020 and internships take place between February and July
    • February 2020 session : courses run from February 10th – June 26th, 2020 and internships take place between July and January


    Applications are taken on a rolling basis. Application review takes place :

    • September session : between December and mid-June
    • February session : between June and mid-November
    We gladly accept applications outside of the review periods, however admissions decisions will only take place during application review periods.
    Intensive Professional Program in French Bread Baking
    • September 2019 session : The course will run from September 4th – November 15th, 2019. Internships will take place between December and March.
    Application review takes place between December and mid-July. 
    • February 2020 session : The course will run from February 3rd – April 10th, 2020. Internships will take place between April and June.
    Application review takes place between June and December.


    1. September 2019 and February 2020 session in Cuisine or Pastry : 23,000 Euros
    2. September 2019 and February 2020 session in Bread Baking : 12,000 Euros
    Tuition includes tools, uniforms, excursions and materials related to the course.
    Living expenses are not included in tuition. We recommend a budget of approximately 1 500 Euros per month to cover accommodation, transportation, meals, personal expenses, etc... 
    A deposit representing 50% of tuition is required to reserve a space on the program once a candidate has been admitted. The deadline for the payment is stated in the admission packet. The balance of tuition is due no later than 30 days before the program start date. 

    Scholarships and financial aid are not available through FERRANDI-Paris.


    FERRANDI-Paris has no on-campus housing, however the school offers advice on finding suitable accommodations. A list of housing possibilities and contacts is available to all candidates once they have confirmed their enrollment. 

    New Service - Student Concierge Club

    STUDENT CONCIERGE CLUB and FERRANDI PARIS have joined forces to offer FERRANDI students who come to France to join a private club with an 24/24 7 days concierge to make your daily life easier and all your steps in France.

    It is a unique, exclusive concept that facilitates and animates the lives of international or French students coming from abroad.

    With SCC you won’t need to spend hours researching things on the internet. Your personal assistant will arrange all administrative tasks for you before and during your stay (lodging, banking, student visa, phone contracts) to guarantee you an effortless experience in France.

    STUDENT CONCIERGE CLUB and FERRANDI PARIS have joined forces to offer FERRANDI students who come to France to join a private club with an 24/24 7 days concierge to make your daily life easier and all your steps in France.



    Non-EU citizens are required to apply for a student visa (VLS-TS).  Upon admission to the program, we will provide you with the enrollment documents that you will need as part of your visa application.
    Visa requirements, application procedures and processing times vary from one country to another. You should contact the CampusFrance office or French consulate nearest you to find out how to apply for your visa, what documents you will need to provide and how far ahead of time you should file the application.


    FERRANDI has a strong network of businesses who regularly take our interns. These include prestigious and reputable hotels, restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops and caterers.
    Students will be placed in an internship by their chef-instructors. The process for internship assignments will be explained during orientation.
    Interns are entitled to a stipend of approximately 500 Euros per month. Other benefits may be provided at the discretion of the company.