French Pastry

    Interestingly, the first cake was not French but Greek. Created over 7 000 years ago, it served as an offering to the Greek Gods. Composed of flour and honey, it resembled a simple pancake. Long after that, in 1270, Régnaut-Barbon invented  « les oubliés », the forgotten ones (pastries rolled in the shape of a cone.) And from there the story of pastries begins ! The pate a choux, crème brulée and millefeuille all date back from the 17th century. But exactly what goes into making these ? Recreating these iconic French pastries involves preparing dough as well as the filling, checking the baking in the oven (or lack thereof) and mastering the art of glazing to decorate the cakes. If you would like to master these skills and join the ranks of over 200 000 French pastry chefs, be sure to train at Ferrandi!

    FERRANDI Paris International Courses in French Pastry: