Bread Baking

    While no one can tell exactly when bread making first began in France- historian Jim Chevalier believes it most likely appeared in the 18th century- the baguette is an important symbol of French culture.  Every city, town and village in France has its own boulangerie. Hardly any meal in France is eaten without some sort of bread, in a tartine in the morning, in a sandwich at lunch or to soak up the vinaigrette at dinner.
    When foreigners think about France they immediately picture a brown-haired woman carrying a baguette or a gentleman sipping an expresso on the terrase of a café and nibbling on a pain au chocolat. They long to reproduce this French gastronomy and art de vivre abroad.
    If this sounds familiar and if you too have harbored this dream, come learn the art of making baguettes, croissants, pain au chocolat and brioche at Ferrandi Paris!

    FERRANDI Paris International Courses in Bread Baking :