Tomy Gousset, Head in the Stars

    Publication date - 13/03/2019

    Tomy Gousset has something to be happy about: his restaurant Tomy & Co. has just achieved his dream, being awarded a Michelin star, and his other establishment, Hugo & Co., has received the distinction of Best Bistro of the Year by Gault & Millau for their 2019 edition. It has been a prosperous year and a great privilege for this chef, who, rather modestly, savoured this moment as ‘a great step for our projects and for our team’.

    However, cooking was never his vocation: coming from a family of artists, he had decided once completing his baccalauréat, that he would study Economics. But, upon reading a report about the school FERRANDI Paris, he was convinced to join. Once a member of the school, he had no regrets, thanks notably to his teacher Jean-François Plat whom he remembers today by the works ‘I cook with my own hands in order to bring others pleasure’. Bringing pleasure, respecting produce whilst at the same time transforming it, innovating it, such are the masterful words of Tomy Gousset who is himself ‘thirsty to learn and improve.’

    This creative approach and respect for produce has given him the chance to work alongside top chefs such as Alain Solivérès, Yannick Allénno and even Daniel Boulud. Well-versed due to these experience in the culinary world, he decided

    to start up his own entrepreneurial venture, creating first Tomy & Co. in 2016 then Hugo & Co. in 2018 received with, in both cases, praise from the public, the faith of his customers and the esteem of his fellow chefs.

    This is not his sole venture and he makes a point of valuing his teams and joining them together in order to let his establishments succeed. He also takes care that he tends to himself, to what his employees deem to be a perfect balance between professional life and private life, hence his decision to close on the weekend. The talent of the CVs addressed to him in a sector which is struggling to recruit new blood, is anything but the fruit of chance…

    He has loyalty also to his former school with which he keeps strong links, in particular with Stephanie Jakic and Benoit Nicolas, both teachers who helped to recruit young interns: ‘They gave me confidence as they know that each student feels at ease.’ Certainly, this is not the most insigifnicant of successes for a chef who combines quality, discipline, and humanity.