Sarah Safarian joined FERRANDI Paris in 2015 for the Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine. After working for several years in marketing and sales for multinationals such as L’Oreal or General Electrics, Sarah was looking for something new and more challenging that brought her joy. She had a passion for food. 

    Following recommendations and through research, she decided on FERRANDI Paris, an obvious choice and institution to gain the knowledge and skills to be able to make it into the culinary world: « FERRANDI Paris is the Harvard of culinary schools ! »

    The Dubai native went on to discover the wealth of France’s gastronomical culture through her program, particularly during her study trip in the French regions. The program enabled our alumnus to challenge and learn about herself.

    Since 2016, Sarah Safarian has launched  Humbly Healthy, which specialises in the plant-based food industry and offers diverse services such as workshops, consultancy, coaching, webinars and catering. 

    She has since been working in collaborations with hotels and restaurants to create plant based menus for their clients, as the plant based food industry is gaining more and more momentum today.

    Sarah’s advice : « If this is your passion, go for it. You only live once ! What’s the worst that can happen ?  »