Regina Domínguez Echeverría


    Regina Domínguez Echeverríais one career switcher! This Mexican national studied Industrial Design in Mexico City, her home country, prior to enrolling in FERRANDI Paris. Following her husband who was enrolled in a business school, Regina thought France would be the ideal place to rekindle her love of food and bread in particular.

    She knocked on the doors of several bakeries asking them if they needed an apprentice. She was willing to learn and help for free but all turned down her help, arguing that they wanted a trained apprentice. One kind baker advised her to consider a formal training in a culinary arts school and so Regina’s search for a school began. 

    She considered a few and felt most at home at FERRANDI. “I felt welcome at FERRANDI”, she shares. She enrolled in the Intensive Professional Program in Bread Baking in January 2018 and embarked on a comprehensive program. 

    Chef Didier Chaput taught us to not just follow recipes but also to understand the chemistry behind every ingredient. I learned to read my dough and solve problems with this knowledge. I still go back to read my class notes and reach out to Chef when I can’t get the bread out right!”

    Once her training was done, Regina did her internship at Barbizon´s local bakery: La Galerie des Pains, where she made all the breads from scratch and learned the logistics behind running a bakery. This was a precious experience, because when Regina returned to Mexico she partnered with her sister, whom she trained in bread baking, and opened up their own bakery Cayetana which started as a “dark kitchen” or online business selling and delivering breads.

    Shortly afterwards, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, an opportunity arose to open a bakery in a trendy part of Mexico City. Regina seized this chance and together with her sister and a growing team, they run their own bakery shop, Cayetana at Condesa, Mexico City. They sell baguette, sourdough breads, pains au chocolat as well as seasonal specials such as “cruffins”, a croissant/muffin mix, which is proving quite popular! 

    Her advice to future students?

    In this business, you will need to sacrifice a lot. There will always be doubt, especially your own internal doubt: “Am I good enough? What am I doing? There are enough bakeries out  there!” But if you trust in your gut and find the place to start - and FERRANDI Paris is a fantastic place to start!- then you will succeed.”