Raphael Silva


    Having studied Economics and worked in the banking industry for 20 years, Raphael Silva’s success in the cuisine industry proves that there is always an opportunity to try something new. After turning his life upside down, researching schools and visiting FERRANDI Paris, the magic happened: “I went to Paris and met the staff and chefs and fell in love with the school.”

    Raphael moved to Paris to complete the Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine in 2015. Right from the start, he felt he was gaining useful experience for working in a restaurant one day, thanks to the small class of 11 that Raphael was part of. 

    Whilst the classes at FERRANDI play a major role in the development of the chefs, the internship is the opportunity to really test what the students have learned, and Raphael believes it is just as important as the training. 


    Completing an internship at a bistro, Kokoro, which was related to his future goals, allowed him to learn relevant skills and prepare for his upcoming career. Raphael’s second internship at Pierre Sang in Rue de Gambey, provided a different experience, consisting of a larger team of 15 cooks, learning the art of pastries and plated desserts. 

    The highlight of his experience at FERRANDI Paris was the service in one of our training restaurants : “It was my first time serving people,( ..) it was that day I really decided to become a cook.”

    After the internships, Raphael decided to return to Brazil and worked as a personal chef. Realising his future lay somewhere else, he became a producer and manager for a folk band, later renovating the cultural center where they used to play. Now a vegan restaurant, called Tenorio Restaurante, the center provides an opportunity for Raphael to try cooking vegan cuisine, using FERRANDI Paris’ book about vegetables to aid him along the way. The rise of veganism is becoming very significant in the world of cuisine, and Raphael enjoys how versatile the options are with vegetables as opposed to meat.

    With a tough journey as a result of Covid-19, Raphael used the advice of Chef Stéphane Jakic to give it a try and see how things go. Raphael’s advice for future students: “Be sure that’s what you want. Cooking is not a hobby or a glamorous profession. It’s very hard work, not like on TV. You don’t get compliments or a trophy. It takes a lot of your body and mind. But if you want to do it, go for it! And if you go for it, go for FERRANDI!”