Publication of "The big book of culinary marketing"

    Publication date - 06/06/2019
    Focusing on marketing and its placement within sustainable development, the culinary world, global design, new technology etc.
    Focusing on marketing and its placement within sustainable development, the culinary world, global design, new technology etc.


    “The Big Book of Culinary Marketing” will be published by Editions Dunod by:

    • Virginie Brégeon de Saint-Quentin, teacher-researcher associated with FERRANDI Paris, and;
    • Brian Lemercier, chef-teacher, consultant, teaching method innovator at FERRANDI Paris.





    For the first time ever, there is now a reference book binding together all culinary marketing approaches: design, sociology, sustainable development, entrepreneurship etc.
    It offers the key methods required for putting an innovation and marketing strategy into place which is both sustainable and cost-effective.

    What you will discover: 

    • The world of food: nutrition, catering, trends in the market and potential future trends.
    • The basics of sociology, marketing, and culinary design.
    • Branding and brand design to apply to restaurants, food services and nutritional concepts.
    • The opportunities that arise out of transitional to digital forms and eco-friendly approaches (food technology and sustainable nutrtion).
    • The central principles allowing you to create, develop and promote new food concepts.

    The Authors 

    Virginie Brégeon de Saint-Quentin

    Teacher and Sustainable Tourism and Culinary Marketing Consultant

    Virginie is a doctor in culinary socio-marketing. Her thesis has been awarded the AREA prize (Association de recherché en économie agroalimentaire) in 2018 at AgroParisTech. A large part of the contents of the book came from this thesis.

    In addition, Virginie is a graduate in Applied Arts from Sciences Po Rennes.

    She is also a teacher associated with FERRANDI Paris, and also a speaker outside the school (at prestigious business and business schools as well as Sciences Po). Virgine is a businesswoman at the same, and has been a consultant since 2012: her expertise in Taste History helps chefs, caterers, producers, as well as industry professionals in the sustainable tourism sector.

    Brian Lemercier

    Chef-teacher, consultant, and teaching method innovator at FERRANDI Paris.

    After his career as a chef in France and in the United States in the most presitigious establishments, Brian obtained a Master’s in creative teaching methods within culinary teaching at the IUFM in Toulouse. He collaborated with Eric Trochon (Best Worker in France for 2018) and, as an author, took part in the editing of gastronomic works.

    He then joined the Alain Ducasse team as a chef-teacher and consultant.

    Today, he is in charge of development projects in digital teaching innovation and in entrepreneurship for FERRANDI Paris.