Pedagogy, values & missions

    Publication date - 23/05/2017

    Exceptional teaching methods

    For director Bruno de Monte, “being in charge of FERRANDI Paris is a continuous challenge: how to teach excellence for jobs that require both managerial and technical skills, knowledge and know-how, at the same time developing individual creativity.”
    FERRANDI Paris offers the same philosophy to all its students: hard work and high standards are the only ways to achieve excellence. Mastery of each gesture, practicing in real situations, acquisition of managerial skills, encouragement of creativity: teaching methods at FERRANDI Paris provide unique expertise, leading its graduates to rich and varied careers, from local bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants, in France and abroad.
    To achieve its educational objectives, FERRANDI Paris relies on an exceptional teaching staff of 80 former professionals from the most prestigious hotels and restaurants and winners of the greatest culinary competitions. Trained in teaching methods, the in-house staff represent a major asset for our students, just like the top chefs and directors of the world’s greatest establishments who are associated with every one of our courses.
    With groups of between 12 to 14 students, 35 kitchens and four training restaurants, learning conditions are optimal, as proved by our exceptional 98.5% exam success rate.

    Paris-Montparnasse, Jouy-en-Josas, Saint-Gratien and Bordeaux : four sites providing excellence

    The Sorbonne, Café de Flore, Procope, Lutétia, Bon Marché, the Luxemburg Gardens: FERRANDI Paris is located near these mythical places in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. An exceptional 25,000 m2 working environment in the heart of the capital. FERRANDI Paris also has two other campuses, one on the HEC site in Jouy-en-Josas and the other in brand-new premises in Saint-Gratien. 
    Bachelors’ degrees in “Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship” and “F&B & Hospitality Management” are also taught at BEST (Bordeaux Ecole Supérieure de la Table), a school established in 2012 in Bordeaux. Devoted to gastronomy and wine, BEST offers cutting -edge equipment in a 4,000 m2 technical centre.
    During their course in Bordeaux, students benefit from expert knowledge in wines and spirits from the Worldsom and IPC Wines & Spirits programmes.

     Exclusive relationships with the professionals

    Partner of the main professional associations, FERRANDI Paris also offers its students the fame of the culinary prizes organised at the school: French Culinary Academy, Taittinger Competition, Catering Directors’ Club, National Cookery Academy...
    By developing relationships with local industrial firms, FERRANDI Paris is able to offer its students top-of-the-range equipment. Every year it strengthens its ties with the business world to the benefit of its students.

    FERRANDI, an internationally-recognised school 

    One of FERRANDI Paris’ vocations is to better inform the world about the French way of life. Every year, the school’s different sites play host to 300 foreign students from more than 30 different countries.
    Products and techniques from elsewhere, overseas management practices: our students can discover the world on the Erasmus programme (for which our undergraduates are eligible).  An increasing number of our students do overseas placements, benefitting from our partner companies and network of former students.
    FERRANDI Paris is a member of :
    • AMFORHT (the World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training)
    • ICHRIE / EUROCHRIE (Council of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education) 
    • AEHT (European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools)