Mónica Sahmkow


    Mónica Sahmkow joined FERRANDI in 2010 to complete 6 months of training in French Pastry and Cuisine, followed by a 6 month internship at Le Meurice. Having worked as a lawyer in Venezuela, Mónica decided to take the plunge and pursue her dream of cooking.

    Being fascinated by all things related to French cuisine, including the appreciation for fine food, Mónica chose to apply to Ferrandi Paris after hearing about the school through a chef. Attending FERRANDI Paris played a significant role in giving Mónica the confidence and ability to gain experience in the world of cuisine and pastry. Not only providing excellent internship opportunities, FERRANDI Paris helped Mónica to make professional contacts and obtain a solid foundation for her future career, « It was like a dream – like Hogwarts for cooks ! »


    Since leaving FERRANDI Paris, Mónica opened her own restaurant back in Venezuela called Alex y Monica , using the skills learned in Paris to bring French cuisine and pastry into her home. After seven years, Mónica decided to pursue a career as a consultant to help people open their own restaurants. Despite changing careers, her training at Ferrandi Paris still gave her the ability to work in different areas of the hospitality industry.

    For any prospective students, Mónica reccommends to « Give it 100% when you’re there ! Make the most of it – it is a real priviledge to be there ! »