Meet the FERRANDi Paris Restaurant at Taste of Paris 2021

    See you at the 5th edition of TASTE OF PARIS at the Grand Palais from 16 to 19 September 2021!

    FERRANDI Paris will once again be the exclusive partner school of the Taste of Paris festival in 2021. 

    Join the FERRANDI Paris restaurant with a 100% female cast: Adeline Grattard, Manon Fleury, Nina Métayer and Ophélie Bares. Each day, taste sweet and savoury dishes created by these 4 renowned chefs and former FERRANDI Paris students.
    Our students will have the honor of taking part in the event in the kitchens of the various ephemeral restaurants as well as serving the VIP cocktail.

    Every day, the menu will feature the 4 signature dishes of the chefs: 



    Photo credits: © Géraldine Martens

    She is one of the most important chefs on the contemporary scene. Adeline Grattard is originally from Burgundy. After a degree in German, she trained at FERRANDI Paris, before studying with the great Pascal Barbot, among others.

    Then she left for Hong Kong and it was a revelation. After an arduous start, she embraced with rare instinct the roaring soul of the gastronomy of the Chinese gateway. She understood and made hers this immense culinary culture. She has touched Chinese cuisine with an infinite delicacy, a subtle hand, a sense of the essential. Her deep generosity did the rest, this personality trait which is the condition for a beautiful plate to become great.

    Back in Paris with her husband Chi Wa, she opened the soon to be starred Yam'Tcha restaurant, then a shop selling great teas, where you can enjoy great steamed buns with stilton or aubergines; and finally, the Laï'tcha café, where she lets her love for Asian cuisine in the broadest sense of the word shine through, either on site or to take away. Crispy wontons, spicy cucumbers, crystal clear shrimps, bewitching soups: it's a firework display that has no equivalent in the country. 

    Discover her signature dish every day at Taste of Paris 2021:
    Lion's head meatball - Beef and pork chuck, Chinese cabbage, oyster, garlic and ginger sauce



    Behind her angelic smile, Manon Fleury has as much character as talent! A cook by vocation, with a bachelor's degree from FERRANDI Paris, she began her career with the greatest chefs, William Ledeuil, Alexandre Couillon, Pascal Barbot and even the very committed Dan Barber.

    On her return to France, she took up her first position as chef at the Mermoz, a pretty bistro hidden in the heart of the gourmet Champs Elysées district. Success was immediate. Manon's compositions are so simple in structure and so intensely delicious that the whole of Paris rushes to feast on a salad of pears with celery, or some delicate poultry with spelt.

    Extremely demanding, she sources only the best ingredients directly, and does not tolerate any compromise to her committed values, which makes her an exemplary representative of the ethical and responsible cuisine of our time. She has just left for new adventures, so don't miss the opportunity to discover her unique talent, her luminous plates, during the 2021 edition of Taste of Paris.

    Watch her signature dish every day at Taste of Paris 2021:
    Green cake: Pressed herbs, onions and potatoes, parsley oil mayonnaise and sprout salad



    This young woman's career path is full of surprises and stars. She initially wanted to be a photographer. She joined FERRANDI Paris with the idea of training in imaging and culinary design, but her passion for cakes was stronger.
    As a trainee and then as a clerk with Camille Lesecq at the Meurice Hotel, she was a part of their three-star rating. She then joined the Ritz, the Shangri-La, Yannick Alléno's 1947 Cheval Blanc, the Auberge du Jeu de Paume, all prestigious restaurants that have been widely rewarded by the Michelin Guide.
    After winning the show “Who Will be the next Great Pastry Chef?” in 2014, she landed the position of Executive Chef for Christophe Michalak before setting up her own consulting company, and thus piloting various projects, including the opening of Philippe Conticini's Gâteaux d'émotion shop. Her participation at Taste of Paris in the FERRANDI Paris restaurant is a unique opportunity for the public to discover her superb precision and profoundly delicious pastries live.

    Discover her signature dish every day at Taste of Paris 2021:
    Melting pear refreshed with cardamom, caramel and crispy lace



    A veritable whirlwind of enthusiasm and good humor, Nina Métayer embodies the “haute patisserie” of tomorrow with a rare talent. Originally from La Rochelle, she travelled at a very young age and was inspired by the flavors and ways of doing things that she encountered at the ends of the earth, from Australia to Mexico.
    Trained at FERRANDI Paris, she started her culinary career at the Hotel Meurice under Camille Leseq, before moving to the Hotel Raphaël where Amandine Chaignot quickly appointed her as head pastry chef. Her talent and wealth of experience became known, and it was she that Jean François Piège came to sought out for the Pastry Chef position, when he opened his Grand Restaurant, which obtained two stars only six months after its opening.
    After this intense experience, Nina took over the creative direction of the Pouchkine house in 2018, where her precise and infinitely greedy pastry-making hit the spot. The general public finally discovered her, and her creations, such as her delightful apple pie, which made a lasting impression. She then went on to open boutiques in London, and today she is flourishing in various consultancy missions, or brilliant collaborations, such as the one she made with the French Bastards bakery for the Epiphany: a sumptuous, delicately crispy galette des rois, spiced up with a subtle hint of cinnamon, and magnificently decorated with a tile depicting the rose window of Notre Dame. 

    You will find her signature dish every day at Taste of Paris 2021:
    Douceur chocolat romarin - Light chocolate mousse, fleur de sel cocoa shortbread and rosemary sorbet fromage blanc