Javier Rincon

    Publication date - 13/03/2019

    ‘After 3 years at FERRANDI Paris, I have changed my view of life.’

    With a doctor for a father and a social worker for a mother, nobody could have foreseen that Javier Rincon, at 18 years with his Colombian baccalaureate recently completed, would come to study gastronomy in France. 
    And that’s without taking this cuisine enthusiast’s determination into account!

    He decided to come and study in France, and specifically at the Parisian campus, which had been strongly recommended to him by a French chef in Colombia. 
    Javier, attracted by the idea of French cuisine, and able to rely on the support of his classmates, adapted well to Parisian life. He met students from around the world as well as, like himself, students from South America.

    Over the course of the next three year’s studying his Bachelor’s, he learnt French cooking techniques, culinary creativity, along with the recipes required to found a restaurant and the an appreciation of his work, a value handed down to him by the passion and expertise of the school’s teachers. 
    The interships were an intense experience and he will forever remember starting in the Michelin-starred restaurant Cobéa in the 14th arrondissement in Paris, working with Chef Philippe Bélissent:
    ‘Philippe Bélissent is passionate; he passed a lot of this passion on to me. He is a great person and I respect him a lot.’

    Returning to his Roots

    His bachelor’s completed, Rincon would go on to work for various Parisian establishments before returning to Colombia to open his own restaurant in his hometown. ‘There, I make simple, tasty dishes which, through using local produce, Colombians and passing tourists alike can appreciate!’ Javier says. He also is proposing a cooking course for amateurs and South-Amercian wine-tasting evenings.
    ‘When you are enthusiastic about cooking, and you choose to make it your job, you must always be curious, humble, and must never stop learning!’