Introduction to "The French Art de Vivre"

    Publication date - 24/05/2017

    The french gastronomic meal

    In 2010, UNESCO recognized the “gastronomic meal of the French”, a gastronomy-related heritage, as part of their Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity register.






    Several well-ingrained elements have contributed towards the UNESCO recognition:
    •    the use of fresh, preferably local, products, with flavors that go well together 
    •    the careful selection of dishes which reflect the diversity of French regions 
    •    the pairing of food and wine 
    •    the setting of a beautiful table 
    •    the rituals associated with each meal 

    In this 3 days course, you will discover not only the French gastronomic meal but also the French “Art de Vivre.” 


    • New dates coming soon


    • The French Gastronomic meal: table arts, menu structure, the importance of social interactions
    • Iconic preparations: Cocktails, beef tartar, pepper steak, Suzette crepes, flambéed fruits
    • French wines: Oenology, vineyards, wine selection
    • French cheese: the history, production process, cheese types and families
    • Pedagogical methods:
      • Theoretical materials 
      • Hands on practice and tastings
      • Conviviality and good mood

    Who is this course for ?

    Food enthusiasts, restaurant owners, people who enjoy cooking (amateurs)

    Practical information

    • A maximum of 9 participants 
    • 9 AM – 5 PM each day 
    • Lunch will be provided 
    • Recipe booklet provided
    • A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the training
    • Course taught in English


    1 200 €