International partners and mission statement

    Publication date - 09/06/2017

    Welcome to FERRANDI Paris

    With nearly 100 years of history, FERRANDI Paris is the reference in culinary and hospitality management education. Its uniqueness lies in a training offer that ranges from vocational programs to Master's degrees and a diverse student body that includes young people and adults, both established professionals and career switchers, from France and around the world.  

    Renowned for high quality, prestigious faculty (a balanced mix of academic faculty, MOF awarded Chefs and experienced professionals), entrepreneurial spirit and close links to the industry, FERRANDI Paris trains more than 2300 students and 2000 adults from France and abroad each year on 4 campuses: Paris center, two in the greater Paris region and Bordeaux.  

    The international development department is a strategic support service for the FERRANDI Paris school and community.

    Our ultimate goal is to create value for our students and partners

    The central idea of the FERRANDI international development department is constant improvement coupled with a curious, open-minded and humble mindset.
    We are strongly committed to the education of the future generation in the hospitality industry worldwide.
    We pursue a global initiatives and multiple implementations policy and are in the process of creating a new sustainable and prominent global academic partnership network.
    Our international activity encompasses areas such as student exchange programs, graduate placements, new degree programs, the certification of modules at foreign universities, conferences, research and development, customized training for partner institutions and companies, consulting and audit missions.

    Students first

    In order to offer our students prominent job opportunities and to ensure that the training they receive meets the industry’s expectations, FERRANDI has developed a unique pedagogical approach and associated with partners from the hospitality and culinary industry including global players like Accor, Four Seasons, Hyatt and InterContinental Hotels. 

    FERRANDI Paris placement rates are among the highest in France and in the hospitality industry: 98% of our students accept jobs in top companies within three months after graduation. More than 20% set up their own restaurants or food related businesses within five years. 

    Furthermore, FERRANDI Paris is affiliated with the French Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCI IDF) whose mission is to promote education, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Chamber is the second largest education provider in France after public universities and is present in 90 different countries. FERRANDI thus benefits from one of the biggest international partnerships networks worldwide.

    At a national level, FERRANDI Paris represents the French Culinary and Hospitality Industry to the French Government and is a consultative member of the French Ministry Council for Tourism.


    FERRANDI Paris is member of the Erasmus+ program and offers its students and its faculty exchange and internship opportunities all over the world. The school welcomes on its Paris campus more than 300 international students of more than 30 different nationalities every year.

    Inspiring others and sharing knowledge

    Over the past decades, FERRANDI has been one of the key players in introducing the concept of recognized and innovative high level culinary education to the world. The FERRANDI curriculum and teaching methods have not only been shared with other leading schools in France but also implemented in some of the first professional French culinary schools abroad. After having set up partner institutes in New York (French Culinary Institute) and Tokyo (FFCC) in the 1980s, Ferrandi has established more than 20 partnerships all over the world: Canada (ITHQ), USA (Johnson & Wales), Greece (Le Monde School of hospitality and Tourism), Hong Kong (Hong Kong Polytechnic University; ICI of the VTC group), Macau (IFT), Great Britain (Westminster College), and other partners in Taiwan, Spain, to name a few. 
    Following our core values of sharing knowledge and serving our students first, FERRANDI has thus contributed to the worldwide recognition of culinary and hospitality professions and established a strong industry and alumni network all over the world (+2300 graduates per year) with graduates running some of the world’s finest award-winning restaurants.

    A step ahead

    FERRANDI Paris is recognized as a forerunner by the industry. Our hospitality and culinary management education programs are constantly updated and aligned with the industry’s evolving requirements. 

    FERRANDI is the first culinary and hospitality education institution that has been accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (1st of September 2017).

    Our international network is permanently reviewed. We are currently working on new innovative concepts with partners in Europe, the USA and Asia.

    FERRANDI Paris has been the first culinary institution in France to have launched MOOCS in Culinary Tendencies and design (in 2015, 2016 and 2017).
    At a national level, FERRANDI Paris collaborates with the following top French universities: AgroParisTech University, ESCP EuropeESSECInstitut Français de la ModeLes Gobelins, School of Image, Paris Sud University